Name warning for dragon sausages


**Name warning for dragon sausages **

**A food company has been warned it could face legal action over the name of its Welsh Dragon Sausages.

** Trading standards said Black Mountains Smokery in Powys must also include the type of meat used in the sausages - pork - to meet labelling regulations.
The boss of the firm in Crickhowell said pork was listed on the label and called it “bureaucracy gone mad”.
Jon Carthew said: "I don’t think any of our customers actually believe that we use dragon meat in our sausages.
“We use the word because the dragon is synonymous with Wales and I think everyone who buys from us knows that.”

Another shattered illusion!
First it was no crunchberries in Crunchberry cereal and now we find out there is no dragon meat in Dragon Sausages.

Rats! (not in the sausage, I hope…) And here I was planning on eating those during Lent next year (since “dragon” doesn’t fall into the category defined by the Latin “carne”.) I mean, mer-person and troll are nice once in a while (esp. when you soak the troll meat in a vinegar-cola-pepper marinade overnight, then put it in the slow cooker with onions, carrots, and potatoes. Yum!), but I was looking forward to a little variety.

Anyone had unicorn before? I heard it tastes like duck and makes your arms strong, (I think it’s what Pop-Eye eats)

What are you talking about?? We have crunchberry bushes growing wild in the greenspace behind our house…and don’t tell my kids anything different. :wink:

I for one would like to see a ban on dragon sausages.

(Dragons are endangered aren’t they?) :whacky::nerd:

That’s what the People for the Ethical Treatment of Dragons say :whacky:

Well, Professor Tolkien did warn Bilbo Baggins against laughing at live dragons I don’t believe he gave any warnings about eating dead ones. I do hear they’re a bit stingy and gamey though. Also they’re not kosher since while cloven of hoof but, eating peasants is right out in that department, that makes them carrion. Now maybe a nice corn fed one would be okay. I would hate to work in that slaughter house, all that fire everywhere, and dragons are rather difficult to kill even under ideal circumstances ask Saint George.
One of my college roommates was welsh and bit of an odd duck. He looked like a teenage Gandalf and his favorite place to smoke pipeweed was inside of a tree at Glenmere Park. When caught streaking (that must have been a blinding sight he was practically an albino) gave the officer a speech about oppressions of the masses and whatnot. He weighed in at about 6 stone and was 6’2." He informed me that in the first week of organic chemistry he had learned how to make LSD (He overdosed on too much LDS in the 60’s) and I told him not to bring home his homework or we all be taking midterms in Redding Gaol. :bigyikes:It figures the welsh would kill poor old dragons to make sausage. Everybody knows there’s no real food in the Brittish isles that’s why the Brits went out to conquer the world. Blood pudding and haggis were invented for people who had lost a bet albeit spotted dick ain’t too bad espcially with whipped cream if you’ve got the guts to order it and the bollocks. Pass me a Guiness there mate!

I best print this out and send it to my cousins in Wales they will be amused to hear this news and Maybe their pet dragon they keep in the cellar will be safe now . I just hope they dont decide to make sausages out of Corgies I know my cousin would quickly hide all 7 of hers

Better yet, feed them only corn-fed peasants!

What’s in horseradish?


don’t ask!

Actually the name comes from horse-the large animal knights would ride (except Don Quiote who prefered a donkey) symbolizing something big and rough and radish is from radix a root. St francis once told his friars to plant radishes upside down as a sign of obedience.

The first passover I went to, i discovered horseradish was something to kill the taste of troll when it came time to make the little sandwich with the matzoh and haroses (that’s actually quite tasty but, a bit of a pain to make) I poured on the horseradish because I was starving by that point. Major mistake! Couldn’t wait for the rabbi to finish his prayer before downing the glass of manischevitz and getting the mamma to pour a second!:eek: English mustard is actaully worse than the horsey sauce. I guess one needs something to kill the taste of blood pudding with ones breakfast!

Well, it’s better to be safe than sorry:

:smiley: “Here’s your sign…”

OK, what’s in Tiger Milk bars?

The fruits of the labor of a group of VE-E-E-ERY nervous dairymen.

*“Are you sure it’s a female?”
“Pretty sure. I don’t know. Why don’t you look?”
"Why don’t … I looked LAST time! It’s **YOUR *turn to check!"
SHHHH! You don’t want to wake him … or her… Alright, here goes…”

By chance, do you have any gooseberry bushes growing back there? You could make a tidy profit harvesting them for Christmas and New Years. Just be careful – they nip.

Thankfully, no…they are noisy little buggers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lions and tigers and bears Oh MY! Lions and tigers and bears OH MY!:bigyikes::rotfl:

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