Name warning for dragon sausages

It’s made from the flesh of a strange creature, called in the old tongue, “Sp’Ork”.

I will spoil it for everyone.
No Ducks in duck sauce
No Dogs in hotdogs.
No Mud in mud slides.
No Hawaiians in Hawaiian pizza.
No Fingers in lady fingers or chicken fingers.
No Flavor in Flan. (uh, personal opinion)

BTW - Why is it called a pineapple? It has nothing to do with pine or apples.

My children were very disappointed to learn there is no gold in Golden Crisp cereal. Also absent, the luck in Lucky Charms.

This is kind of a tangent. My son at age 5 begged me to find the end of the rainbow to find the pot of gold. He was so excited. He would not let up. I had to tell him the truth about rainbows.

I can only speculate, but I would say “apple” is in reference to its fruit quality and “pine” is in reference to its similar appearance to a pine cone.

For some reason, this discussion made me recall an old Little Rascals episode. Steimy (sp?) attempts to eat an artichoke. After peeling away all the leaves, he exclaims in confusion “it may have choked Artie, but it ain’t gonna choke Steimy.” :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a top governemnt secret in England that the real crunchberries are grown by gnomes for use in Queen Victoria Gin, the only gin with a royal warrent. It was originally created to calm Queen Victoria’s nerves after falling through the stage during the initial performance of the Pirates of Penzance for the pirates who are lost orphaned gentleman to make obesience to her and be knighted while singing “most of all we love our queen.” It was reported that she announced to the audience that, “she was not amused.” She was then given a gin and tonic and pepped right up.:cool:

It is a plague wrought upon mankind originally invented by an evil wizard containing a powerful potion called saltpetre used at Durmstrang College of Wizardry to keep the older student’s hormones at bay. It entered our world when the Minister of Magic was visiting Sir Winston Churchill munching on it and Winnie’s bulldog snatched it out of the minister’s hands. It went to a secret lab and was found easily reproducable from the flesh of the mystical Sp’ork and was an effective method of keeping the Brittish pound out of the clutches of French ladies of ill repute.

The dragon was replaced when Queen Elizabeth II, who according to David Icke is a gigantic lizard from outer space (Yes he does believe that!) had it removed since she didn’t like eating her children. We can of course believe Icke (pronounced ike) because he is a retired soccer player not unlike Rush Limbaugh who is a retired sports announcer and therefore can be trusted to know everything.
Her majesty does have an excellant recipe for Welsh corgies served with a nice Welsh Rarebit (pronounced rab-bit but, there’s no rabbit in it) over it. There are rumours that MI-5 had Princess Diana killed for leaking the recipe to BBC’s “Chef” who ate poisoned stilton cheese and died although the official story was that it was done by Sally Salt and Percy Pepper.
Another sad fact for the Brittish folks out there there’s no toad in “Toad in the Hole” (although Corgi sausage will do fine in a pinch nor is there a toad in “Toad the Wet Sprocket” (purported to be from the imagination of Monty Python’s Eric Idle) what ever it is?
I’ve been meaning to get those things out for days and never got to them.

Anyone for ‘Toad in the Hole’ or ‘Faggotts in Gravy’ ?

( They’re sausages in a batter pudding and a large savoury meatball in rich gravy :smiley: )

What is it with Brittish cuisine? These dishes sound like something one would find on a porn channel, not that I would know.:smiley:
Looked up the recipe it’s scary!:bigyikes::rotfl:

I think I’ll stick to haggis thank you!

Scotty, you’ve entered the wrong URL! Please, Please fix it, so we in the Colonies can learn the joys of the food that drove our ancestors away from the land in the first place!

well then lets try this one

ok it went through when i tested it. If it doesn’t go through then the browser found it repulsive and won’t go there!

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