What is the “name” of the three persons. I guess what I’m asking is what does name mean. I tried to understand it from Aquinus but I couldn’t quite get it.

The three persons of the Trinity? “Yhwh”, meaning “I am who am”. “God” also works too.

I think things need names when they need to be distinguished from other similar ones. But there is no such need for God. Even the ‘name’ of God was never pronounced by ancient Jews because it would be like comparing God with other gods while there is no compare between them. When Moses insisted, he was told ‘I Am who Am’ which means really Existence itself. So what else can we compare this too?
For the Three persons, it is the same situation. They are the ‘real thing’: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. So there is nothing we can compare them to so that they would need a name.

A little child does not need to know the name of his parents because there is no one to compare them too, the child has only one father and one mother, whom he simply call ‘father’ and ‘mother’. However he needs names of his brothers and sisters if he has many in order to distinguish them, otherwise, if there is only one sibling, he may also simply be always called ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ and everyone would not whom he is talking about.

For us father is more an identify we eventually get, but for God: the Father has always been Father, which means the Son has always been there and been Son. Which show the eternal unity and connection which we also call Holy Spirit. You can not have Father without Son, you can not have Son without Father, the too can only exist simultaneously not one before the other, same as the bond between them.

I don’t know if speaking on the names if Aquinus literally meant “names” like we all have name or not.

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