Names and meanings of major biblical people


I have looked on the net, but I am not the best at that. Also, I just do not have the time.

I am looking for the meaning of the names of the major people of the O. T.

Example, David–beloved!



I use the Exhaustive Dictionary of Biblical Names (Amazon Link). There is a preview on Amazon.

Here are some examples from the book.

Moses (mo’-zez) = Taken out of the water; saved out of the water; saved from the water; drawn out; drawn forth. A son.

Abraham (a’-bra-ham) = Father of a multitude; father of a great multitude; father of mercy; a father of many nations.

**David **(da’-vid) = Beloved.

Or you could try the Hitchcock Dictionary of Biblical Names which is free online

Hope you find these helpful.


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