Names for Young Adults Group


Hi guys, I just wanted to ask for some help coming up with a name for our Young Adults Group. Any thoughts?


How about “Soldiers of Christ”?


Friends of Frassati.

Pier Georgio Frassati is a great role model for young people. He lead many people to Christ in his short lifetime, in his own quiet manner.


This strikes me as very militaristic, and not particularly attractive especially to women.


Does it need a name?

All the young adults groups I belonged to in college and beyond were simply called “the young adults group.”

Maybe just place the group under the patronage of a certain Saint or two.

Just my two cents…

(To make it more modern, maybe call it #youngadultgroup :p)


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try to look for one. Haha, I like that #youngadultgroup, I’ll bring it up with my friends the next time we talk.


The Youth Group of St Whomever Parish.

That’s who they are, and how they should present themselves.
it’s not an exclusive club. People think Catholic teens and teens in particular never do anything constructive.
When they see the hard work they do in and about the parish, the service hours they perform, the help they give to parishioners, and the way they worship, you’ll get more donations for your program. I don’t know of any youth group that eve has enough funds to do everything parents expect.


OP, what age group are you talking about?


Before we started simply being a Youth Group (using the LIfeTeen curriculum)

the previous DRE’s tried many “names”.

All of them “lame”.

Acronyms are a huge NO-NO.
Cutesy names will embarrass the kids.
Just don’t go there with a “special name”.
They’re special all on their own.
Just teach them and love them.


I’d go for something simple that says what it is, (Parish Name) 18-30 Group or something similar.


When you receive the Sacrament of Confirmation; you are said to become a Soldier of Christ, go forth and defend the faith. By the way; in case you’ve forgotten; there are women soldiers.




I think it’s 18-35. It’s somewhere along that range.


Wow I wish my parish had a ‘youth’ group that goes up to 35! Ours is 25 so I’m out!

I agree with the other posters with (name of parish)'s Young Adult Group


I would have loved a youth group after university but I’ve never been in a parish with enough young adults to start one


True, but many people are uncomfortable with militaristic images. And I was NEVER told I was a “soldier of Christ,” for which I am grateful. I am from a Catholic peace tradition, and all of this makes me extremely uncomfortable. I’m not saying you need to feel the same way, but at least acknowledge that not everyone feels the way you do, either.


This site has tons of ideas for names.


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