Names of well-known people in Prayer Intentions


I wanted to pray for the Canadian Catholic founder of the l’Arche communities, whom I read was recovering from an operation. When I typed in his name, a box came up asking that full names not be used. I’m sure I have seen full names of famous or widely known individuals used in Prayer Intentions. Just thought I’d check on this as I don’t want to flout any rules.


Those public celebrities in “the know” are generally considered OK to list names to pray for.

However, for smaller time people, like your average Joe, or say, the founder of a small community, it’s best not to.

I mean just look at what happened when Scott Hahn mistook something he heard about Tim Staples!!!

Don’t use names (first and last). It still is better to say “Our president” or “a pop star who’s been in the media” even if people will know exactly who you’re talking about.

Don’t insert any drama around prayers, either. That’s the latter part of that rule.




He’s talking about asking for prayers for people by name, not forum user names, Rose.


Don’t mind this either . We found the sticky


Hmmm. interesting. Given that Xanthippe Voorhees is a character on a TV show would you like to try posting with my name in the prayer forum without the @? As if you were praying for the Xhanthippe in the show. I give you full permission to experiment with my name.


Here we go. Sticky rules on the prayer forum… hadn’t even thought to look for a sticky.

The prayer intentions forum is for prayer intentions and prayers offered, ONLY.
**NO **full names
**NO **location information
**NO **parish information
**NO **other identifiable information.
(Public figures can be named without issue.)

*For my Aunt M, who has cancer
*For my sister, Wanda, who is searching for a job
*For Governor Smith of the state of Imaginary, USA
*For my parish priest and his upcoming travels
*For Katie Grief, who is considering abortion
*For my neighbors, Mr. & Mrs. Lockdown, whose son was arrested yesterday.
*For Father Melchizedek of St. Cunegundis in Bigfoot, TX,
who privately shared with me some bad news about the parish finances


I just changed the thread to a real prayer thread :pray::dove::rose:.




I guess the question is, how “public” is a community founder or a community leader of a small religious group.

I mean–if we’re talking CFR’s and Benedict Grochel —well that is clearly OK because he’s well known.

I think that a small time convent or group of lay people it would probably be best to follow the rules for non-public figures.


He needs more celebrity so it is recognised on metadiscourse forums!


Thanks for these replies. Yes, it was names of people being prayed for that I meant. No problem, though. Safer, I guess, if I just refer to this person by mentioning his work. I think a lot of people here would know who I meant. His work for people with disabilities is very close to my heart.

I would of course never mention family/ acquaintances etc by full name.

It was in the title box that I had typed his name when the message came up.


Mr and Mrs Lockdown and Father Melchizadeck brought a smile, Rose. Thanks for cheering me up on a bad day! :smile:


And Xanthippe _voorhees must be much more famous then the Canadian catholic founder. I was able to type her name in , no worries!


Interesting. It kind of surprises me that this man’s name was not recognised as famous when I typed it in. I always thought he was widely known, for his humanitarian work, the world-wide communities he started (back in the sixties, I think), and his writings. He has been interviewed on television a few times over the years. Oh well, when it comes to prayer, as long as God knows his name is all that matters. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have also just earned my first emoji but don’t think that quite makes me famous :wink:


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