Nana and granddaughter

Please lord let it begin with me

We grew alotin the gartden so my nana and i had many lunches for the kinders.

We ate peppers and egg sanwiches and zucchini and cavarelli with mint. She alao made a potato pancake.

I love her
I miss her
And my daighter cooks like her.

We ate blessed.


It looks like you, and ladies of your family, past, present, and, hopefully, future, made, and will continue to make, yours a happy, well-fed, and well-loved family!

May God Bless, and protect, every one of you. May you all be blessings to your family…for generations to come!

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Not sure whether this is a typo or was intentional, but either way it is perfect. It sounds like you sure do eat blessed.

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Both :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

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