Nancy P - no photo op with Holy Father

Even the secular press has recognized that Nancy Pelosi’s much pre-publicized “audience” with Our Holy Father resulted in NO photos or videos relaesed to N Pelosi for her use.

CBS News reports tonight: "… Wednesday’s meeting, in a small room off a Vatican auditorium after the pope’s weekly public audience, was closed to reporters and photographers.

The Vatican also said — contrary to its usual policy when the pope meets world leaders — that it was not issuing either a photo or video of the encounter, claiming the meeting was private. …"

Similar coverage should appear (maybe has appeared) on other national channels too.

I suppose it’s small and petty of me to hope that the meeting involved B16 telling her she was thisclose to excommunication if she didn’t start practicing what the Church preached.

Nancy Pelosi really needs our prayers.

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