Nancy Pelosi the pro abortion, pro gay marriage Catholic

Nancy Pelosi calls herself a “devout Catholic” yet she is pro gay marriage and pro abortion.
Furthermore she has made claims that gay marriage, contraception and abortion is consistent with Catholic teaching. How? She was indoctrinated by radical nuns.
Watch this to see what I mean


Another political thread. I grow tired of seeing them over and over again on these boards.
Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of us, all, will have to answer for our sins one day.
As I do not know here, I have no idea what her background is about.
I pray for her and try not to judge her.


That’s a pretty good indicator for somebody to grow up with secular liberal views. I spent a month with a retired radical nun and it was enough to throw my faith into disarray. I can’t imagine what years would do to a person, especially a child.

Pray for her conversion.


I agree. I am tired of seeing threads on politicians on both sides of the aisle.


What’s sad is that she says she is Catholic & she has a podium where many hear her because of her political position. So they in turn think this is what all Catholics believe. Sad and God have mercy on all who hear her and think what she says about the Catholic Church/Faith according to her is true.


I’ll admit to being torn.

The more I’ve studied my faith the more I’ve bailed on either party. That is of course just my take, YMMV. That said, while I agree I’m tired of the politics, would rather not see it, and I’m in NOOOO condition to judge her soul, I don’t think it’s bad to call out the scandal she’s causing.

I’ll pray for her and ask mercy on her as on me. But she’s wrong.


Maybe she should practice…“say what you mean and mean what you say”

Over these last 50 years nuns and priests have taken a wrecking ball to the Church. If only they could have been fired and lost access to the sheep they were supposed to be serving.

Ezekiel 34:3
2“Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel. Prophesy and tell them that this is what the Lord GOD says: ‘Woe to the shepherds of Israel, who only feed themselves! Should not the shepherds feed their flock? 3You eat the fat, wear the wool, and butcher the fattened sheep, but you do not feed the flock.

I used to watch Dane Cook (a comedian) when I was younger. He never seemed to hate our faith, but one of his bits involved a priest yelling at a newborn child, ”Sinner!” merely for crying. And so, as young and unformed as I was, I thought crying was a sin according to our faith. He wasn’t using his “podium” to lie about the Church, only to tell a joke- but I thought the joke revealed some truth about Catholicism.

How much more are people going to be swayed by a person like Nancy Pelosi, who rebuffs the teachings of our Faith in the public square? Not as a joke, but in promotion of her political values?


Same here. Politics, Media, Publishing, Music, Entertainment it’s all a dirty business. There used to be what I think were called Blue Dog Democrats who were union and working class and that used to be the base of the Democratic Party. I always saw the Democrats as standing up for the rights of the poor and for the rights of the working class. None of the candidates now going against Trump have a platform for the working class or the poor that is relate-able to the average American. So, Trump will win re-election while the rest of the nation goes apathetic and tunes out.

I still vote, but State and Locally. In State and Local elections I pick the best candidate regardless if they are Republican or Democrat. I live in California, in the desert that is both Conservative and Liberal with huge diversity and mostly middle class with a little bit of local wealth and local poverty. California is fine for now, but I worry about the secular far-left here in California. I wouldn’t want to live in San Francisco, since the seventies it’s been this weird place. And again, I’m not naive I know the far-left can be as cruel and punitive as the far-right. But for now everything is fine.

She is also a Catholic that is pro-money ? worth over $ 100,000,000

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That is an interesting take I guess by Dane Cook. Yes, we do actually take babies and confess that they are sinful and in bondage to sin. Rather than yell in their face, we lovingly bring them to the baptismal font where their sinful nature is buried with Christ and they are raised to new life through Christ’s resurrection. It doesn’t quite have the comedic timing he is looking for, but that’s the reality of our faith.

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Are you a constituent of Mrs Pelosi in California? You realize that this comes close to calumity?

Mrs Pelosi is not running for national office.

We cannot read her heart.

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Nancy Pelosi is nothing more than a wayward, secular progressive loving Catholic.

I know an elderly pair of parishioners who are quite wealthy. They confided in me how much they loved Obama and approved of his abortion policy. I told them the priest of the parish might feel different. Imagine my shock when they told me that he agreed in full with them! :frowning:


Same here. While I have my criticisms of Pelosi, we all know where she stands on these issues. Why beat a dead horse?

It took me like forever, but I learned that one does not have to click on these threads and make their comments known! I was amazed! Relieved! Effervescent! Lighter than air! when I realized this.

I had spent years in the doldrums because not everyone agreed with me. But then BAM!, just like Emeril Legasse, it hit me!


Let’s all write loving letters to her then informing her of the truth. Maybe all she needs is a little catechizing.

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You do realize that you’re contradicting yourself (or at least potentially stressing yourself out) by posting though . . . right ?
BTW, I had to look up who Emeril Legasse was after about 5 minutes of laughing - I guess living North of the 49th might give me a valid excuse ?

Thanks for the smile @po18guy .

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When/where did Pelosi describe herself as a “devout Catholic”?
I’m trying to find the quote(s).

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Nancy Pelosi will be judged by God just like you and me.

I feel there is no need to pay much attention to her - she has misrepresented Church teaching, and she will have to answer to God.

Let’s think about something more productive. I don’t think she will change, but it is God that will judge her - we should just think about something else.

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