Nancy Pelosi the pro abortion, pro gay marriage Catholic

For Christian, we must do good for and love our enemies, for Christians, kindness matters.

Thanks for telling me what to do. I couldn’t figure it out before

Incoherent for Uncle Joe is nothing new

You will have to explain how when someone like Pelosi is the subject of a thread your prescription is that judging others is contrary to “our duty to be demonstrating love.”

On the other hand, when someone like Trump is the subject of a thread, you take the opposite viewpoint:

It appears to be very convenient to whatever opinion you hold that you can trot out one or the other of the two seemingly opposite pieces of wisdom.


Did you watch the video? Do you have any thoughts on that?

The exact wording is found in an article from The Washington Post. This National Catholic Register article -Nancy Pelosi to Receive Planned Parenthood Award quotes her from The Washington Post (and provides a link -[ in the Washington Post Article it appears about three quarters of the way down the page under the subtitle “On abortion”] ):

Later, Pelosi told The Washington Post, “I’m a devout Catholic, and I honor my faith and love it … but they have this conscience thing’’

Gosh . . .found another one from National Catholic Register entitled Nancy Pelosi is Right which refers to her as “a devout anti-Catholic.”

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As much as it twists my stomach every time I have to listen to, or to read something Nancy Pelosi says that maligns our Catholic faith , I agree with the members’ whose posts stress the importance of prayer for her.

My dear late mother who studied social and behavioural psychology once told me that when people get into groups, they exhibit a tendency to all pick on one member in order to make themselves feel superior. On a larger social scale, the MSM have become experts in this practice - holding up the most notorious criminals for us to look at over and over again. When they do this, the general public (and often even those among us with the best of intentions) can begin to inadvertently slide into that trap where, gradually, our subconcious begins to echo those words from our Blessed Lord’s parable in Luke 18:11 -
“O God, I thank you that I am not like the rest of humanity - greedy, dishonest, adulterous - or even like this tax collector.”
The fact that Jesus mentions this in the Gospel, would seem to imply that we as Catholics are not immune to this phenomena.

Personal holiness needs to be our first response if we desire the well-being of another. And then, if we’re going to pray for Nancy Pelosi, it would be beneficial (at least for me in my case) to be able to focus on that fact that beneath that offensive, confused, twisted exterior, there is still a heart and a soul which God loves and wants to save and eventually bring to heaven . . . Seriously ! Dr. Bernard Nathanson, in his (own words) excursion “into the Satanic world of abortion” presided over more than 60,000 abortions before becoming a strong pro-life advocate and eventually joining the Catholic Church. Dr. Stojan Advasovic performed,by his own estimate, between 48,000 to 62,000 abortions before God intervened in his life in a mystical way transforming him into a “pro-life apostle.” That’s how much God loved the souls of these abortionists.
So bringing Nancy Pelosi around to reality is definitely within God’s (infinite) scope - but we do need to, as others have previously said, pray for her.

It seems hypocritical to think Pelosi is evil and incapable of praying for president Trump, an immoral man in great need of prayer, because she is wrong on pro-life, and glorifying Trump because he says he’s is pro-life. . . .

In the case of both of them, hate the sin, not the sinner, they both need our prayers, as does our whole country and the world.

Is Mrs Pelosi saying things that will make her constituents want to vote for her, same as mr Trump does, yes.

As I am not a citizen of California, I do not follow Mrs Pelosi’s legislative promises nor her promises to her voters, etc. I cannot, without research, be as intimately aquatinted with her fruits.

However, my personal like or dislike is irrelevant. We do not have to like a person to see when there is rash judgement or calumity. I only speak of Mr Trump’s own words and his actions. I can strongly disagree with someone’s words and actions whether I like them or not.

The sheet hatred of ones political opponent is not part of my dna

Has any poster watched the video in the OP?

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It takes too much work to do that…


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