Nancy Pelosi: Will stand with Obama on Healthcare Decision

Not a surprise, but now its official: Nancy Pelosi will defend Obama in his assault against the Catholic Church.’s_Anti-Catholic_Birth_Control_Decision_was’Courageous

Nothing said at the mass I attended last night about this attack by Obama on the Catholic Church.


I realize that politics is a very personal matter and we all have various views on different issues. However, as Catholics, we must defend our faith. This healthcare issue is a very serious assault on our entire Christian community.
We are obligated as citizens to vote and more importantly, as Christians, to vote for the candidates who will uphold our Christian values.
I do not vote Democrat or Republican but rather for the candidates who best reflect my religious/ethical beliefs.
Sometimes we do not know how a candidate truly feels regarding many ethical issues but we are fortunate enough to know if they are pro-life or not. In my opinion, this makes the voting process quite simple.
Our primary obligation, in all circumstances, must be to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

As that is so, why call it an assault against the Catholic Church? Did the bishop send any letter around to be read at Mass? Did your pastor call it such? :shrug:

Yes, my pastor read a letter from our Bishop stating we must stand for truth. That contraception is immoral and the Church can not provide it. He stated it was in conjunction with the US Bishops, that we must all stand for truth.

However, I’ll believe that when the ex-communicate Nancy Pelosi for scandal. She has certainly had enough time to be counseled privately and renounce her positions which contradict Church teaching.

Tired of having to explain that she’s wrong to my CCD students when they cite her to indicate I’m wrong when I teach the Church’s position on issues.

Our Bishop wrote a letter to the entire diocese and it was read at all of the masses. Sorry I don’t have a copy of it as it was read and not printed in the bulletin.
The healthcare mandate forces all employers to provide health insurance that covers contraception, sterilization and also abortion inducing drugs…all of which are against our Catholic beliefs. Forces. Hard for me to fathom being forced to do something against your religion in our free country.

Is that strong enough language for you from a Bishop. Our Bishop, Kansas City Kansas, and several others have had letters read at all masses. ‘Attach on the Church’ isn’t an overstatement.

I’m going to stand with my fellow Catholics in supporting the administration on this.

This woman’s hubris knows no bounds.

Our bishop’s letter to the diocese was read at Mass yesterday and he said that the Church cannot and will not obey this edict. I think that is pretty definitive.

Good for those bishops. Ishii said that nothing was said at the Mass he attended, same at Mass here, so it seemed logical that it was no big deal elsewhere as well.

You can also add Bishop Kevin C Rhoades of Fort Wayne-South Bend to the list of bishops who had letters read at all masses this weekend. As our ordinary, Bishop Rhoades is also the official publisher of the national weekly newspaper Our Sunday Visitor.

“We’ve made it very clear to the administration we can’t violate our conscience, (but) that didn’t seem to matter to them,” said Bishop Rhoades."

Our archbishop has also published an excellent and very strong letter on this. My husband was in Boston this weekend and brought home a parish bulletin with a letter from Cardinal O’Malley inserted.

This is where our bishops absolutely must take a stand, no matter what the consequences. It is an outrageous mandate, blatantly disregarding the First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

It seems pretty clear to me that forcing Catholic institutions to fund something that is clearly in opposition to Church teaching violates the “prohibiting the free exercise thereof” portion of the amendment, without question.

Even if there wasn’t an announcement in mass I would like to think people are smart enough to know how big of an issue this is.

Archbishop Naumann, NE Kansas and Kansas City diocese;

Archbishop’s Letter About HHS Ruling to be Read at All Parishes.
Archbishop Naumann has written a letter to the Faithful of the Archdiocese concerning the recent Health and Human Services ruling. The Archbishop has asked that the letter, which points out the ruling’s grave implications for the Catholic Church and for Church-related institutions in the Archdiocese, be read at all Masses in the Archdiocese on the weekend of February 4-5. Pastors have been asked to distribute copies of the letter to the Faithful by passing them out at Mass or by placing them in the parish bulletin. Catholics of the Archdiocese have been asked to pray and fast so that wisdom and justice concerning religious liberty may prevail. Additionally, the Archbishop has asked area Catholics to learn more about the issue from the USCCB’s website,, and to contact the members of Congress asking them to support legislation that would reverse the Administration’s decision.

At our Mass yesterday, we had stacks of postcards to sned to the White House for everyone who wanted sign their name to one, protesting this decision. The crowd around the stack in the vestibule after Mass was jam-packed.

I signed my name and address and sent one in, so I’m sure that if I’m not on one of the government’s hit lists already, I soon will be.

Yes, it IS an attack on the Catholic Church.
How can ANYONE doubt that for even a minute???

First of all, Archbishop Timothy Dolan, president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops declared as president that this was an attack on the church and on religious freedom itself and stated boldly: we cannot, we WILL NOT, obey this (law).
Good for you, Bishop Dolan and USCCB!!!

Now put some REAL teeth into it and formally excommunicate this evil person
and her fellow evil catholic proabort cohorts. It is long past WAY PAST TIME that
that be done. That they weren’t excommunicated 20 years ago or more,
is absolutely disgusting.

and let me add,
for deliberately “standing with” this blasphemous attack on the Catholic Faith,
the dear lady will also be “standing with” some very unpleasant spirit and human entities in a very hot and unpleasant place for all eternity,
unless she abjectly repents of this and all her other willful shenanigans
before she leaves this world and receives sacramental absolution.

Just curious, would the RC church allow Nancy to do communion/confession??

Our Archbishop of Miami, our excellent Thomas Wenski,
published for all, a blistering letter about this wicked decision
and demanded it be inserted in parish bulletins and read from every pulpit.
Our pastor continues to insert a copy of it in each parish bulletin at each mass
and will continue to keep doing so for many weeks to come.

All of the Parishes in our diocese have read the letter and have passed out information. Including giving everyone a link to the internet page for the USCCB to find out how to help. I can’t imagine it not being an ‘important’ issue. It’s not just about something we decide to believe or not to believe, but about the religious liberty to believe what we DO believe. If they can make it a legal precedent to tell you you can’t believe this is wrong… what else can they legislate that you have to do?

Let’s hope she does come to realize her error before she must stand before God and be judged for it.

**Just curious, would the RC church allow Nancy to do communion/confession?? **

Yes, if she sought out a faithful priest to confess this and all her other years of wicked acts, she would be welcomed and once repentantly confessed, with at least IMperfect contrition, she would be absolved and received back into the church and allowed to receive communion.

Voluntary confession and agreeing to do penance
is evidence that a person has not – NOT YET –
blasphemed the Holy Spirit.

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