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On the news last night they profiled Nancy Pelosi probably the new speaker of the house. She said she was raised catholic and strong in her faith. Anyone know her voting record. Does she go with catholic teaching.


100% NARAL rating:crying:


She thinks moral sin and leading people to mortal sins are an acceptable part of society.

When she claims to be Catholic, she is responsible for causing sandal within the Church.


As somebody else said, you can’t be pro abortion, and be Catholic. Nuff said.


Representative Nancy Pelosi (CA) Voting Record


Agreed. To add to that statement… You can’t be for the killing of innocent babies and still be human.


Perhaps some pointed letters and emails to her bishop are in order.

He should be reminded that he has a shepherd’s duty, and that the writer is praying for him to be strong.



Nancy Pelosi is rabidly pro-abortion. NARAL gives her a 100% satisfaction rating. She was elected to her office by the people of San Francisco, CA. She is liberal, even as California Democrats go. (Though not liberal enough for many of her constituents). Senator John Kerry is probably a stronger Catholic than she is.

Well, America, there it is. The person who is third in line for the presidency. Better hope The president and VP remain in good health.

And write any letters you want to her bishop, she’s probably not going to listen to him if he says something.

Calif’s former “Catholic” governor Davis didn’t listen to his bishop either, when he was criticized for supporting abortion publicly. And Pelosi makes Davis look like a Republican.


You know, I am just so tired of all of these people in public office who say they are Catholic and are ‘strong’ in their faith publicly demonstrating otherwise and giving fundamentalists and evangelicals a reason to bash Catholicism because this is how our faith is played out in America and they get the wrong idea of what Catholicism really is through people like Nancy Peolosi, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, and good gracious even Hugo Chavez. It can’t get much more embarassing. It really nauseates me. Once again, I ask - where are our U.S. Bishops and our USCCB as a whole in speaking out against the voting records of these people and unashamedly and very publicly catechizing our country on how Catholics cannot separate their faith from the rest of their life? What are they afraid of?


Wrong. I know you speak from frustration, but cool it. God loves Nancy Pelosi and desires for her to repent and receive his grace and forgiveness. No matter how much blood is on her hands, she remains a humn person made in the image and likeness of God. A God who still loves her enough that he’d be willingly crucified in order to turn her heart back towards him.

In my book, that makes her still a human.


I’m not sure folks are getting a wrong impression of the Catholic faith through people like the politicians. Remember, they tend to come from Catholic areas and are voted in by Catholics. It’ll be interesting to see what % of the Catholic vote the Dems got and what percentage the GOP got this time 'round.

The Catholic Church is not a democracy and attempting to judge it based on how its adherents behave or vote is irrational.


Mrs Pelosi and her husband own vineyards and a restaurant and both are non-union. The unions, for the most part,still line up right behind the democrat’s. Most members still vote a straight dem. ticket. It’s absolutely amazing how the Dem’s have fooled the public w/ their image.


It is frustration. She is human just like Hilter.


Respectfully manualman I’d like to point out that she is a public official representing the public and open to critisism. I’ve been to San Francisco recently and I wouldn’t support any of the policy makers or leaders from that city. Her humanity doesn’t exclude her from condemnation for her anti-catholic positions.


Agreed. A politician with an immoral agenda is, however still human. To say otherwise, even in frustration, can subtly open the door to “Terminator” solutions.

We’ll lose the war if we drop our principles to win a battle…


Absolutely not and on more issues than abortion.


Whats also amazing is the GOP have fooled and strung along so many Christians about banning abortion and doing nothing about it.

The public is less fooled about the DEMs as opposed to simply being overly disgusted with the GOP


She is also human like Pope John Paul II. Human is human.


Killing babies is inhuman. Failing to protect innocent babies is inhuman, especially while holding public office…when it’s your job. Was JPII inhuman?


What about partial birth abortions, were they not outlawed by the GOP controlled congres?. So much for doing nothing! Just wait until the Supreme Court starts ruling on some of the cases that will overturn Roe v Wade.

Nancy is that you? Hows the weather out west?

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