NaPro in Chicago area?


I have had all sorts of issues with TTC and would like to see a NaPro doctor, but the closest ones seem to be out in Rockford IL. Does anyone have any recommendations in the Chicago area? It seems crazy that there would be absolutely nothing in a major metropolitan area so I'm wondering if I'm missing something obvious.


According to, there are at least 4 in Illinois.


I dunno about NaPro specifically, but there is an OBGYN in Downers Grove at Good Sam hospital named Robert Lawler that is exclusively NFP (no pill, no tubes tied, no IVF). Sounds like a solid catholic fellow, but my wife prefers the manner of one of his partners Dr. Virginia Kelly (and what woman wouldn’t prefer a good female ONGYN?). I suspect she is not NFP only, but she’s at least familiar enough with the principles that my wife doesn’t get the incredulous looks and comments so common out there.


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