NARAL hammered for ‘profoundly unfunny’ skit about getting an abortion


Pro-choice group NARAL was hammered on social media after releasing a comedy sketch about getting an abortion.

Riffing on Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” the skit shows two comedians, Alice Wetterlund and Nato Green, driving to various clinics to get an abortion.

On the way to the first clinic, the comedians spot a crying child. “Yeah, we don’t need more of those in the world, that’s the other thing,” Ms. Wetterlund says.


That’s just evil. :mad:


This simply shows how de-humanized the folks at NARAL are.


Agreed. :mad:


It’s actually sick.


Think about this. If Hillary Clinton is elected, NARAL will be vetting Supreme Court picks.


You mean the same Hillary Clinton who’s running anti-Trump ads that say “Our children are watching”?


NARAL originally stood for “National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws.” Well, they have long since got “legal.” Now they just want to promote abortion for any reason at any time. It became the National Abortion Rights Action League, or more recently “NARAL Pro-Choice America.” Bill Clinton originated the phrase that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.” But the Democratic Party no longer talks about safe, or rare. Now, abortion throughout nine months of pregnancy is to be promoted as a positive good, endorsed, and paid for with tax money. Hillary doubles down on all of that.


Tragic. :frowning:


50 million of them are watching from heaven, of course, never having been allowed to see with their eyes on this earth.


They want to make abortion seem funny. It is part of their plan.


May the Lord have mercy on all those who are pro-abortion and give them the grace to see the error of their ways so they can be converted.






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