NARAL President Trashes Pro-Lifers Year After Abortionist George Tiller Death

NARAL President Trashes Pro-Lifers Year After Abortionist George Tiller Death

by Steven Ertelt Editor
May 25, 2010

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Washington, DC ( – Nearly one year following the death of late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller, NARAL president Nancy Keenan used the occasion to trash pro-life advocates. In a new opinion column in the Huffington Post, Keenan highlights women who loved Tiller and says pro-lifers exploited his death.

WE exploited his death by a lunatic.Do these people have NO shame?They CONTINUE to exploit his death as evidenced in her screed.
What about the pro-life man murdered by a pro-abortionist?Do we blame NARAL,NOW,the ACLU?No we blame the loon who shot him.If the Culture of Death was a cartoon figure droplets of sweat would be spraying from it’s head.They are aghast that the young especially young women are rejecting their death head banner and flocking to the side of The Way,The Truth,and The Life.They are shocked that up till now mute Christians are pushing back and retaking the centre of the public square as Jesus Christ commanded us to,in order to bring ALL to Him.
These grannies will be gone to their “reward” soon enough-pray for their repentance before it is too late.

I think these pro-abort loons go on these rants to justify to themselves that they are not really killing a baby.

In the deepest recesses of their blackened hearts they KNOW the Truth,just as you say.They know its a baby,no matter if it’s one day gestation or 9 months.They are trying to accuse US of murdering that butcher when a loon did it all the while they are murdering millions of people in North America annually.

They keep saying the "arguement is settled,not by a long shot is it settled.The "arguement"was “settled” in Germany in the '30’s and '40’s and we “unsettled” it for them-permanently.And we’ll do the same here.THAT’S why they’re panicking.

These Killer Grannies are dying out and there is no one to replace them(by their own admission)because young Women(and Men)are flocking to the pro-life side because as Christ admonished us,they’re coming"as little children"whose eyes have not been scaled and who can recognize good and evil and are choosing good and God in droves.These young people and their heirs are going to fix the mess that MY generation made.

This new generation aside from all the techno stuff remind me of my parents generation-the Best Generation-that clearly knew right from wrong.

Therse Killer Grannies will soon be gone to their final “reward”.Isaiah 5,ladies(and butcher “doctors”).In the ladies part I am not referring to aborting women who are also victims and merit our prayers.I suppose we should also pray for the others but I find it increasingly difficult but 70 times 7,eh?

What spooks me out is I think they DON’T know the truth, or their subconcious doesn’t let them admit it.

Whatever is is, **hardcore **pro-choicers freak me out a little. How can anyone be that, well-mean? I just don’t get it.

I’d hate to think that what you’re saying is true but it might be for some-I have no idea what they’ll think at their last judgement.God gave us Natural Law to know right from wrong,He gave us His Church,Holy Tradition,The Magisteriun,then Holy Scripture.That’s a lot of stuff to ignore and still not think it’s murder.There are confirmed Catholics in that bunch who received the Holy Spirit at their Confirmation anf even if that flame burns lowly it won’t let them assuage their guilt which is so often expressed in rage.Those ones KNOW.I wonder what they dream about at night?

[quote="Soutane, post:6, topic:199608"]
I'd hate to think that what you're saying is true but it might be for some-I have no idea what they'll think at their last judgement.


They will either be scared or, in many cases, they'll denounce God as fiction/not having authority just like the Devil.

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