NARAL tells Rand Paul that he's gonna get punched if he continues to be pro-life


Stay classy NARAL. :rolleyes:


Even though he’s not the man his father was, I still think he’s the best candidate of the pack. The only one talking about the dangers of the NSA, militarization of the police, asset forfeiture, war powers, IRS, etc. Sadly the highest poll gives him 6 pct in Iowa.


Rand Paul is actually someone who would try to get things done. That alone makes him unqualified in this environment. :slight_smile:


Yet there are critics of Donald Trump’s tough talk! The stuff from the left makes Trump’s remarks sound like political correctness!

Is it okay to reference Breitbart as a thread source? I think I was corrected for doing that.
Just asking if anyone has that reliable answer.


What’s interesting to me is why they would pick on a libertarian like Rand Paul.

Libertarianism is notoriously weak when it comes to the pro-life cause. Maybe that’s the point.


I don’t think that is the point, Rand Paul has been an outspoken defender of life for years.

I would research his long-term stance on this issue.


So have most of the other Republican candidates. Why they pick on Rand Paul in particular is the question.


More of that liberal compassion and tolerance I’ve heard so much about…:rolleyes:


So someone has the “choice” to commit murder, but not to speak their mind. This just shows what hypocrites the pro-“choice” crowd are. :rolleyes:


I really like rand paul but he dosent have much of a chance to win so ted cruz is our best bet overall imo


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