Narcissism in Marriage and Families


Narcissism in Marriage and Families is the title of a Catholic Answers programme which aired on the 6th of September 2006. It was presented by Dr Richard Fitzgibbons.

I thought that this programme was excellent and I will ensure that my soon-to-be-married daughter listens to it and investigates the website.

Dr Fitzgibbons spoke of the selfishness in marriage which can bring it undone. He said that too many people go into marriage thinking of ‘I’ rather than ‘we’. He spoke of the necessity of forgiveness, not condoning, and of the need for families to do things as families not as separate units who happen to live under the one roof.


I heard him at Catholic Familyland in Ohio speak on this topic and it was excellent. Unfortunately, it didn’t help us to much. I do agree though that he is excellent. He has even counselled us over the phone. He is in PA and we are in FL. That was nice of him to do counseling that way, but he did charge. When we got the bill, we filed with the insurance company and got most of the money back. He is a great person spiritually and everything he said to my husband, I have said through the years, but he hasn’t listen to me nor Dr. Fitzgibbons. The doctor loves to take cases with excessive anger, or that is what he told all the couples at our marriage retreat at Catholic Familyland years ago.

I would recommend him to all couples and those thinking of marriage.


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