NASA rover captures "white light" on Mars


This is recommended reading.

I hope no one will come up with conspiracy theories stating that NASA is hiding evidence about extraterrestrials living in Mars or that this photo was taken in a studio made to look like Mars (remember that purported Moon Landing Hoax??). The rover’s name, Curiosity, is appropriately named. I reckon its sunlight reflected from a shiny rock on the Martian surface.


Don’t be silly, its obviously a Protoss warp-in. :nerd:


No one knows what it is, not even NASA. But in the past Govt agencies have been known for being less than forth coming about details, so it would not surprise me if they were manipulating details about this too.

For some reason, this kind of reminded me of the controversy regarding the ‘missing’ 2 minutes from the first moon landing, Nasa claimed they lost all radio contact, but HAM operators picked up conversation between an astronaut and Houston with the astronaut describing how big these structures or ships were and that they were watching them. I believe some have suggested doing voice recognition testing to see if it indeed was the astronaut in question talking about this, or if these 2 minutes were just a hoax.

However, if it is proven to be the astronaut speaking, then the question we have to ask, is why NASA would wish to keep this from the public and lie about it, the same thing can be said about other lies Govt agencies tell the public…WHY LIE?


Maybe it is Mr. Spock. :eek: :cool: He is only half ET (his mother was human). :smiley:


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