NASA has discovered 715 new planets! Amazing! They say 4 could possibly support life. If life, human or some other kind, is found elsewhere, is it against the Catholic faith and teaching?
Or is the Catholic faith open to this possible discovery ?

The Church does not teach whether there is life on other planets or not. That’s something that’s left to science.

That’s what I thought. Thanks!

Check out these articles on Brother Guy Consolmagno, Vatican astronomer:

The Church is open to space exploration and the possibility (however remote) of life on other planets.

Intelligent life on other planets would not go against Faith.

Even if they look like insects, it would not go against Faith because their souls could still be made in God’s image.

The Father and Son only revealed to use what Human Beings need to do in order to be saved. God did not necessarily reveal salvation requirements for the entire universe.

As far as the likelihood of intelligent, alien life - I think it is very possible. The universe is vast and God can do whatever He wants.

God Bless.

I do not think God would have made more then one solar system without making more then one human race.

Nasa are wasting their time looking for aliens.

Do you think Jesus would die on the Cross 700 times, one for each planet?

I don’t think He would need to. There are seven continents on earth and He only needed to die on one of them; if there are seven planets with life on them, presumably He would only need to die on one of them, and He already did that.

BTW if there is life on other worlds, their people would not necessarily have original sin. What if their first parents were tempted like ours but did not fall? Or what if God permitted humans to be tempted, but not aliens? Then they would not be subject to the original sin, and it could be interesting for us to come into contact with them.

Or devastating, if mankind led them into sin.

We only know His plan for us. We haven’t been told His plan for other possible life forms.

Still, God (the Holy Trinity) would be the God of any other intelligent-life planets. Would they know Him and as the Triune God? Would they also need conversion?

Often the idea of other intelligent-life planets is used to argue against God…or Christianity at least, in support of evolution without God. But I wonder: should it turn out that we really are alone, that Earth is the only intelligent-life planet, would that argue in favor of God and Scripture?


If it turns out earth is the only place with life I would find the above point persuasive… reading the other responses I am surprised and saddened with the suggestions that new life would need conversion! :confused:

From Ed’s link above:

“However the Jesuit astronomer went on to speculate that if intelligent beings exist in another solar system, “they might have remained in full friendship with the Creator,” and thus might not require salvation as the human race does.”

If that is the case, then I guess we need not fear a hostile alien invasion.

So… they’ve found intelligent life on Earth? I wonder, sometimes :smiley:

What about the Bible that says Adam and Eve are the first humans? What if there is life out there and they’ve been around longer than us?

So what? They would probably be completely different creatures. Adam and Eve would still be the first humans.

:eek: Noooo Way , that’s impossible :smiley:

We can always hope. :smiley:


Anyone else?

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