Please do not spend too much time worrying about life on other planets.

Space is so vast that the likelihood of ever proving intelligent life on another planet is akin to filling Qualcomm stadium with straw from top to bottom and sifting through the straw to find the needle with your hand. Good luck with that nasa.

Prayer instead that life here can come together in peace and in the name of The Lord.

For me, the best part is that I was intimately involved on the Kepler project - designed one of the electronic cards that sends the science data down to Earth.

How can they find an additional 715 planets and yet still dismiss Pluto???

I dont want to have to go back to 6th grade science and memorize all those names and positions…:eek:

Yes. You’ve obviously read Perelandra, by C.S. Lewis. It’s the second in his space trilogy, and one of my favorites of his.


Yes, I did read the space trilogy. It got weird when Merlin came into the books.

To be honest, I didn’t much care for either the first or the last in the trilogy, but have read *Perelandra *at least three times, maybe four. Wonderful, and on topic here.

I remember when this was a hot topic on TV for all of a week. I believe that Pope Benedict made Benedict made a statement somewhat to the effect that yes it was not inconcievable that there could be intelligent life in the universe(s). Right there everything rational dissolved. My thought was NOOO :eek: God would not do this to humans. They are his highest creation. They are his pride and joy. It is fun for me to imagine all sorts of creatures out there. I do read science fiction. However when I think about intelligent life “out there” it really makes me uncomfortable. Now I know how people felt about Galelio. This is just my personal feelings. With the cuts in NASA’s budget, I doubt I shall have to confront this in my lifetime :smiley:

Adam and Eve would still be the first humans! What other answer can you possibly expect?

The visionary Anne Catherine Emmerich made some startling claims about the planets in our solar system. She claimed there is life on other planets in this system; molds and fungi. Also said she saw things crawling quickly about in the shadows of the moon as well. Finally she claims there are fallen spirits that move from one planet to another! :eek:

Why do you think we are Gods greatest and ‘highest’ creations?

Try to think about the times before God created mankind, He had already created the dinosaurs, and other creatures on this planet before man came along, so this proves our God is a very creative God, it is foolish to think he created us and that is it. I think its almost a guarantee there are billions upon billions of different life forms out there in the vastness of the universe, some that were created millions of years before humans, given this much time, they would become very intelligent and be much more advanced than a race of humans who have only been around for a couple 1000 years.

Yet on the other hand, Its also very possible God has created other races AFTER us as well, there may a planet out there where neanderthal type people are living.

If mankind lasts, think about how we will be in 2000 yrs…in 5000 yrs…Im sure if we saw glimpse of life in this time, much of it would seem impossible in our views, we can see this by looking back only a 100 yrs ago and what society looked like then.

My point is, Im sure in the big scheme of things, it most certainly does not revolve around us and us alone…we are but a small part of something MUCH MUCH larger.

I didn’t say I was right just that thinking that God made other thinking beings out there makes me a little uncomfortable. You might say I am homocentric. Do you really think we can get the debt payed off in 2000 years so NASA will have enough money to even launch a weather balloon :smiley:


The only reason space travel is so expensive now is that we are still using brute force to get into space, once room temp superconductors are developed, this is when we will start seeing all the hovering cars and all the things common in most sci fi movies. IMO, it is surprising to me this has not happened yet. I think some people in charge are trying to keep us addicted to fossil fuels for as long as possible.

This is one of my favorite subjects. I want to say no one really knows the answer, even though there are all kinds of people who claim they do. It’s all speculation, and as long as we bare that in mind, I think it’s ok to talk about it.

Since it’s all opinion anyway, I’d like to add mine. I’m an older man and grew up loving Star Trek. But at the same time I realized the ideas in Star Trek and other sci-fi would be used against God. I realized this in he early 1980’s, and I think time has proven me right.

Nevertheless, here is my opinion. I think in the vast cosmos there is other intelligent life. But I think God placed the other intelligent life so far away that even a faster than light ship could never get there. We will never meet them. This was God’s wisdom.

I am going to pose another question. Do we get to meet ET in heaven? :nerd:

Thats an interesting question!!

I assume EVERY being that God has created does go to the same place (heaven or hell), but obviously I dont for sure, but this also implies beings/ souls in heaven have the same appearance as they did when they lived in the world…dont know about that.

It would be amazing to wake up in heaven and suddenly see 1000s of different types of beings!! It is highly probable though.

I do hope when we get to heaven, we are able to learn all the knowledge about everything though…sort of like the library of heaven WOW…now that would be amazing!

Guess I’d better brush up on my Klingon :rotfl:

If there were intelligent non-human life elsewhere in the universe, should we assume that they are or are not saved by Christ, since Jesus came specifically to save mankind?

Good question!

I dont think so. We have no idea what Gods relationship is like with his other creations thru out the universe.

Personally, I believe our Govt and military know more than they claim about this topic, there are just too many govt documents that talk about this topic, also the number of very credible military and govt officials, astronauts, etc that have all said extraterrestrial life is something some agencies in the govt and military know about.

I have a feeling the Govt/ military keeps them from the general public for a couple reasons, first, if an intelligent civilization was coming here, it would be assumed they would have far more advanced technology, and probably a form of energy that is unknown to us, and unleashing this kind of new technology on earth would definitely destroy our large corporations, such as big oil and electric providers, such new technology, if we could harness and use it, would be very bad for the world wide economy.

I also have a feeling if these aliens are possibly demonic in nature, this would be a HUGE reason for the Govts to keep it secret, as such disclosures would cause mass panic all over the world, plus, they would have to admit they are indeed demonic.

The most important Govt investigation IMO that proves to me that some of our leaders are in the know about this is an investigation done in the early 90s, requested by Senator Byrd, done by national security adviser Dick DaMato…They found literal proof of a ‘black arm’ of the US Govt that spends money in order keep this topic a secret from the public. Anyone can google details about this investigation.

Hello, everyone.

I have followed this topic with interest and my two cents are these:
(1). God is creator of the universe.
(2). The bible tells us accounts of the creation of the Earth in Genesis.
(3). We read accounts of other creatures from visions of the Prophets such as Elijah etc of Creatures with Heads resembling Lions, Eagles etc. We know these creatures are not from Earth so we assume they are residents of heaven.
(4). My deductions are that salvation applies to Humans in Earth i.e. The Bible principles are for Humans in Earth. God might have his own way of dealing with His other creations or manifesting to them. After all, if there is life in other planets, we must have evolved differently physically as well as spiritually, therefore, his manifestations to us all should be different.

Most importantly, He is creator of the Universe!:smiley:

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