Nashville Dominicans


Has anyone here discerned with the Nashville Dominicans or know anyone who has?

Also, does anyone have or know where I can find pictures of this year's postulants or novices?

Thank you and may God bless you always! :)


If i were young enough to be discerning, i would give anything to have a vocation to the Nashville Dominicans. In my opinion they are one of the most authentic group of Catholic Sisters in the world. If you feel called to teach while also living a contemplative life, then you should contact their Vocation Directress and plan a visit to their Motherhouse for a retreat.
They teach at my daughter’s school, and while she is still a bit young to be truly discerning her vocation, she has already expressed her desire to be a ‘Nashville Dominican’…so if this ‘call’ continues, she will have our full support. We truly need more vocations to Orders like the Nashville Dominicans b/c their mission is to teach…half the problems with Catholics today is they are not properly educated in the Faith. The Nashville Dominicans are working successfully to change that. Good luck with your discernment…you can visit their website for more info:


The also have another chapter that was founded out of Nashville into the Detroit area, the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist.


The Nashville Dominicans and the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist are separate congregations.


Yes, I know. The Sisters of Mary were founded out of the Nashville Dominicans.

Mother Mary Assumpta Long (along with Sister Joseph) was sent by the St. Cedilla Dominicans (Nashville) to found the congregation in Ann Arbor. Mother Assumpta is also a former superior of the St. Cecilia Dominicans.

The are a separate congregation, but carry the same charism.


They have similar but distinct charisms. One difference is that the Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist have a daily holy hour whereas the Nashville Dominicans do not have a daily holy hour in their schedule. This is not to say they don’t pray, obviously, it is just a different focus.


I am kinda of currently discerning with the Nashville Dominicans and one of my classmates entered this past summer. Do you have questions? And I dont think that they have pictures of them up yet…They are kind of slow when it comes to technology!


A small group of about 5 Nashville Dominican Sisters are now in the Chattanooga TN deanery teaching at our local high school, and sometimes they pray the Holy Mass at my parish. They are such holy and joyfilled Sisters and we are blessed to have them here.:thumbsup:


Yea! They are awesome! I was taught by them in high school! i just went on a retreat at their Motherhouse in October and I am probably going on another one in January! They are absolutely amazing!


My daughter is one of the current postulants. I’d be glad to send you a photo collage I have of this group, although they are photos the young women submitted before entering the convent, so they are not in their postulant uniforms. E-mail me at & I’ll send you the photos, and if you want to see a brief video of the postulants, I have one on my facebook page. I can help you access that if you e-mail me.

What a joyful place is the St. Cecilia Convent in Nashville! We can hardly wait for our next visit on the family visit weekend in April!


I attended five Jesu Caritas retreats and nearly applied there. They were everything I had heard and read about. If you read about pre-VatII religious life, they retained some of that, but implemented Perfectae Caritatis. Focus, unity, fidelity, charity. If Rome wants to straighten out these heterodox convents, they need to send some to Nashville, as this is what VatII was talking about.



[quote="Brendan, post:3, topic:307076"]
The also have another chapter that was founded out of Nashville into the Detroit area, the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist.


Same spirituality, different congregations/charisms.



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