Nasty lady that my is friends with


Ok, I want to start by saying that my wife and I had an awesome talk and everything seems to be on the up and up. I think finally sees that our intimacy is part of marriage. I know when I heard this what a jerk I have been to her. We are completely starting over with the help of our priest and a couselor. That being said, please don’t make fun of me.

This is how it went. My wife is friends with a woman who has a “life partner”! No the woman is not gay, she just doesn’t believe in marriage. She has no children either because she believes in over population. My wife of course does not agree with this lady’s lifestyle, BUT she never says anything to her about it. They go out to lunch every now and then and discuss non religious, non political issues due to their difference in opinion. So my wife was talking to her about the kids etc. when the lady became very defensive (my opinion) and asked how she could stand being this copulator, reproducer, and property (marriage).

Then she proceded with her most disgusting comment and called my wife a “BREEDING SOW”

I am so shocked that this woman would say that. They have been friends for years. I told my wife to forget about that broad and find some new friends. My wife is trying to figure out ways to talk to this woman diplomatically and change her view. :mad:


If I were your wife, I would write a note:

Dear XXXX,

I was so shocked and hurt by your calling me a “breeding sow” that I had no response at the moment.

Upon reflection, I realize that you have absolutely no understanding whatever of our view that life is dignified and ennobled by procreation and family ties. Although this particular ignorance is widespread in the fetid shallows of feminist culture, it is unacceptable that one who has claimed to be my friend should disrespect my cherished beliefs as if they were irrational, disposable, and despicable. It is incomprehensible that a friend would both fail to explore the issue and scorn it with such hostility.

I invite you to educate yourself on the topic of Christian marriage and family life beginning, with reading the enclosed book (select something that will be accessible to her; this must be a carefully chosen volume) and then perhaps we can approach the subject in a rational and mutually respectful way so that this friendship can be redeemed.



It all depends…If she’s going to bring your wife down in anyway, then yeah your wife should get new friends. On the other hand, if your wife is very strong in her faith than Satan really doesn’t want your wife around this lady because your wife is the best influence she has, probably. I wouldn’t worry about the comments because they mean nothing and you know they are untrue. Your children are actually your wife’s diginity.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Pax Christi,



Its good to hear that you and your wife are making progress. Praise God! Secondly, if the woman insulted you and your wife in this way, then she is definitely not a friend. Normally, I would recommend trying to lovingly reason with a person who doesn’t share the faith, but this woman is not approachable, so my advice here is to politely discontinue communication with her. Try to make friends with people in your parish. My experience is that Catholics make the best friends because they share your views on so many things.


I couldn’t agree more. I think my wife feels some obligation to this woman. She has never mad a comment like that before. ITs funny, in Europe they are paying people to have children and people still buy into this over population business.


We can’t be the leaven in the bread of the world if we run screaming away from every hard situation where Christ’s love is needed.

That said, it is really hard to provide that love to people who insult us and ‘don’t deserve it’. But, in the context of evangelization , your wife has hooked a live one, and needs to reel her in.

My response would be to continue the relationship (I purposely didn’t say friendship), and show her the positives of marriage and children.


I believe given you are in the process of rebuilding your relationship with your wife this is not the time to go after her friends-no matter how rude they are.


I might agree with that if my wife had not been crying all night. I don’t see it as going after her as much as protecting her from that lady’s ignorance and wickedness!


MM… I’m glad to hear you’re reconnecting with your wife… that’s wonderful.

How did she meet this “friend”? Were they childhood friends? Work friends?
I don’t know why I’m even asking… just maybe searching for a way of backing off on the time she spends with her.
What about mutual friends? Is there a group of women that they both know (maybe that would steer them away from these sort of conversations)…
I guess I’m looking for a way to slowly wean off the friendship without it being abrupt and rude, know what I mean? Like only meeting up when others are there too… and then slowly dropping out of the group get togethers…
I can understand totally why she would feel insulted… that’s unbelievable…


Ask her if there is anything she would like you to do regarding this situation and then do what she asks. Tread very carefully regardless.


Overpopulation? Maybe she should check her math…

According to World Population Information, the world’s population is estimated to be 6,588,518,980 as of 14:37 GMT Apr 13, 2007.

According to U.S. Census Bureau State & County QuickFacts, the land area of Texas is 261,797 square miles.

So, “cramming” the entire world’s population in an area the size of the state of Texas would result in a population density of just over 25,155 people per square mile, or 9 people (a family of 5 plus a family of 4) on two adjacent 50’x100’ lots. Not crowded at all – and you still have the land area of the whole rest of the world which would be empty.


Have to have a heck of a sewage system though!


Your wife is a better woman than I, Gunga Din…

And I am so glad you two are making progress…that mean lady? She is in my prayers…that’ll get 'er…


First…congratulations that you and your wife are reconnecting! Hallelujah!
Second, the chick that broadsided her with that comment should be stricken from the list of friends. WAY uncalled-for…
Explain to your wife that she has no responsibility to this “friend” to do anything or explain anything about y’all’s family size, or anyone else’s family size. There’s just no getting through to people like that. The time wasted on that effort would be better spent making and cultivating a good, enriching friendship with a person who will support your wife.


since you are asking for opinions I will give mind. This woman is not your wife’s friend, and has not been for a long long time. She is a person looking for a foil and target for her own personal bitterness, resentments and hatred of men, and things in her own life that make her feel victimized. Your wife is not being a friend, she is being a sitting duck when she associates with this person. the counseling that would benefit her with respect to this relationship is how to have self respect and dignity and how to find real friends, and dump the negative hateful people in her life.


Estesbob…only you would think of this!!!:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:


MysticalMan… I am so glad you are solving things with your wife! I suspect her friend has been hurt by family members to make her feel this way, but it doesn’t excuse the rudeness to your wife. Pray for your wife’s friend, let your wife talk to her and let her know how much her words hurt, give her a chance to correct it before you feel you need to step in. BUT… be there for your wife, assure her she isn’t a breeding sow, but rather is the beloved wife of Mystical Man and a beloved child of God.


When you say 50X100 lots many will think, wow thats small. that is 5000 sq feet, room for a good size home

back on topic, that lady is not a nice person.
I agree with what has been said earlier, break ties with this woman. If you have skills in apologetics maybe try to reach out to this woman


Friends are people who are allowed to be blunt and expected to be honest. They can say a lot because they are friends. If they feel strongly, they can talk strongly. Think what kind of stuff you take from pals - or many guys do. Things we tell each other with my best buddy are such that at least he would probably knock a stranger out for that (not like what I say is worse than what he does). If your wife’s friend has been around for many years, you have the answer.

Also, the language that friend’s using suggests she’s filling the gaps in her logic with names. If she can’t support those ideas logically, she falls into easy cliches. You know, some convenient mental constructs that make the job easier because you don’t have to substantiate them. She may be resistant to counterarguments, but not very resilient, so to say. Enough exposure to sound logic should probably turn her.

I think perhaps some of those feminists who use those strong words simply miss it in their lives and use such rhetorics to compensate for what they don’t have. I dare them to try. :wink:

Oh, and she might be not so much a nasty lady as a lost lady, confused. Needing help, maybe some attention, some heart. Maybe she’s getting it from your wife?


Your wife is an adult and can be friends w/ whomever she wants. If she doesn’t like the woman, she can break it off.

I guess I don’t understand your role in this. Does you wife want you to do something? —KCT


Your wife should ask her friend…

“How did you get here?.. Oh yeah, your mother the breeding sow must have hatched you… It’s too bad you don’t have children, you could raise your own squad of “anti-breeding/seeding sows & boars”… that is if hypocrisy isn’t a problem for a few years…”

(The only reason these people exist is because a man & woman decided (or risked) becoming a mother & father… IMO they can stick their opinions and shut their cake-holes).

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