Nation’s largest gay rights group plans to celebrate St. Pat’s in streets of New York


The nation’s largest gay rights group said Monday that it is applying to have a contingent march in the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City.

The letter, Mr. Sainz said, should be considered “our application to have an Irish-American contingent from the Human Rights Campaign march in the 2015 parade.”

I think most people on these forums are familiar with this group as this is the Washington D.C. lobbying group that helped put marriage in all the states.


This parade will soon be nothing more than a political rally. I sincerely hope that the Church will quickly distance themselves from this parade including no longer allowing a reviewing to be built on the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral


I’m not for marching, even if they are Irish Americans, just for the sake of political controversy, which this group may very well be trying to create. If they are explicitly lobbying, they should march in the Gay Pride parade rather than the St. Patrick’s Day parade.


What estesbob said.
Is anyone actually surprised by this? It is straight down the “progressive” playbook.Try to get something, get rebuffed, try legal action. If that doesn’t work, use nasty PR against the target group and then make promises to get what you want and also promise to cease the nasty PR. Then don’t keep the promises and go full speed ahead.


Again, I asked them this question:

If their relationships are so great and wonderful, why do they need all of this attention?


Agreed! With all the dialogue and general bonhomie extended by the Church to the gay lobby, I have to keep asking myself why? They are definitely political and sometimes militant in nature and not at all interested in anything we have to say.


Additionally,having Archbishop Dolan as Grand Marshall,you can bet this parade will be inundated by groups such as this.The perception will be the Catholic Church endorses
them wholeheartedly.:eek::frowning:


“Human Life Campaign??” The name sounds like it could almost be an outstanding pro-life group. Was this chosen deliberately to confuse? Sorry, but contrast that to the name “Irish Queers.” I am not being disrespectful as that is their legitimate name as it appears in the article.


:thumbsup: They have 1.5 million members.


The Catholic League withdrew from the parade because a pro-gay group was approved to march in the 2015 parade, but a pro-life group was not approved. According to William Donahue, the CL’s president, the list of the marching units is already set.

If he is correct, then the applications of march by groups such as the Human Rights Campaign will not be approved. Its too late for that. Perhaps it should be asked: Each year, how many groups apply to march in the parade and what percentage of applicants are approved? I am wondering is simply filing an application means all that much.


I think there is a larger issue here.

Each day we are bombarded by news story after news story.

We are becoming desensitized as a nation. When we can call a doctor an “abortion doctor” or a doctor who does abortions and not blink an eye, it says something.

If the Saint Patrick’s parade allow one gay group in, does that make up more loving or caring as catholics?

The media certainly won’t see it that way because it is not. Can we draw a line between those group who fight for the “dignity” of the gay person over gay rights marriage groups, that would be almost impossible to do? So where does the Church go from here?


That’s a good question. Although, the “dignity” of homosexual persons - and indeed ALL persons - has always been affirmed by the Church because our human dignity is not dictated by our sexual orientation. Unfortunately, the homosexual community has such a low view of itself that it does just that. They feel somehow “undignified” if they cannot “marry”. I wish there was a way of using this parade to show how Catholics truly are compassionate and loving to the persons of the homosexual community, and that if they ever wish to find peace they should stop trying to attempt to define themselves by their sexual orientation.



And I think that is what Cardinal Dolan may be trying to do, to separate the two issues, by focusing on the “dignity” of the individual by allowing a gay group into the parade that mainly focuses on gay work place issues,

It is just such a narrow line and I am sure it can be done.


As I’ve pointed out before the droll thing is that in Ireland itself the presence of gay people at St. Pat’s parades has been something that has been going on for a number of years now and strangely enough it is not seen as a big deal.


That is very troubling. Northern Ireland now also has had some change in the laws on abortions, is that correct?


There was a thread on the change in Ireland where abortion would be allowed in cases that save the life of the mother, a major change for Ireland. Here is a link to story…

I have seen a thread on how atheism is being taught, how they are trying to pass gay marriage, so many threads on Ireland that to me, it doesn’t seem as if you would want to hold them up as a nation that we should model.


Agreed and thanks!


Yes the six counties have had changes in the law over the last few years. Eventually abortion is liable to become legal in both, possibly within the next decade or less I would speculate. In the north voting against abortion was one of the few things that nationalists and unionists often agreed on, however the older and more conservative generation is slowly dying out.


Agreed. My guess is the Church will withdraw in the end. If they do, we need to be prepared for a NASTY backlash. But I suspect there is a “line in the sand” we’ll hit pretty soon here. :wink:


Atheism is not taught officially in Irish schools. That is sheer nonsense, you are referencing a particular case concerning ONE child I am familiar with. I would say that Irish people who are gay have as much right to march in parades in our country on our national day as anyone else.

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