Nation’s largest gay rights group plans to celebrate St. Pat’s in streets of New York


Here is the the thread and link to article that was posted. It did say only some schools would be required to teach it.

Irish schoolchildren to learn about atheism
Up to 16,000 primary-school pupils in multi-denominational sector will learn about atheism, and others will be offered courses on the internet and smartphone apps

It was in the liberal Guardian and mentioned something about giving everyone’s point of view.


Which is rather different from your original contention - I learnt about the concept of atheism from a rather traditionalist priest at school and that was well over 20 years ago and in the UK itself as part of my schooling was had there.


From article…

Up to 16,000 primary-school pupils in multi-denominational sector will learn about atheism, and others will be offered courses on the internet and smartphone apps

That is still a lot of children being tuaght with books by Darkins. Ireland is also fighting to keep gay marriage out. They have changed their law on abortion, a major change.

It just doesn’t seem as if it is a nation that someone should hold up as a model to follow.


I heard Cardinal Dolan speak about this today on Catholic Radio. He says he does not believe the group marching is advocating anything contrary to Catholic teaching, He did admit he can see what people are concerned about and is concerned that the policies will change to allow groups to march that are advocating against church teaching at which point he would have to withdraw.


It seems to me like Ireland is trying to move away from the Catholic Church.


I think its a little more complicated than that. I think you have a situation where the Church was way to involved in the Irish Govt. They are moving away from that but I don’t know how much that translates into moving away from the Church from the spiritual aspect


There are lots of groups holding Ireland up as a model because they do allow gay groups in their parades.

Is this something the Irish should be proud of, no.


That may be but Church attendance has dropped dramatically and there are much more secularist attitudes toward things like abortion and gay rights than even 10 or 20 years ago. My personal opinion is that it is part of an effort to “Europeanize.” I do think the Irish are maybe quite still emotionally and in a sense culturally attached to the Church. Not sure exactly how much that slows down trending toward secularism. I could be wrong, just my impression.


In other news, straight groups, in a spate of jealous rage, have demanded equal representation among male figure skaters. In a panicked effort to placate them, the IOC has entered seven straight (and almost completely incompetent) male skaters in Nationals.

The NHL is protesting. They always knew Sidney Crosby was a prima donna, but seeing him in sequins really tipped the scales.


What are you referring to? There are some gay skaters.

No one needs to know if anyone is straight or not. This may be in response to a male figure skater who moonlighted as a female to make some money.He was straight. People started attaching the male skaters and they responded back.

Nobody’s business, just skate.


My post was satire, based on the common (and largely correct) notion that most male skaters are gay.


What source are you getting this information from?


My sister, who spent years and years in competitive skating.


You mean like the Redwings? I never would have thought it but you never know.

I do see you are speaking about a “stereotype”, a bit the way one might think at a minimum, gymnastics and dance would supposedly see some gays in it. I do think one of those famous Russian dancers was gay.


Lots of cities have these St. Patrick Day’s Parades,

It seems NY and Boston are the ones that have been targetted. Even if Chicago’s is a big parade, I’m under the impression that Chicago and the rest of the very many parades are not high-profile enough to target.

So, this is just one parade, New York.

I don’t think Boston has given in yet.

But it is a shame.


Is it stereotyping to say that most male hairdressers are gay? I believe that most are; however, there ARE straight male hairdressers. I have had both. Surprisingly a lot of male models are straight, whereas most people tend to assume they are all gay.

Getting back to the main point here, my concern (isn’t this the 2nd thread on this topic or is this ANOTHER gay group in the parade?) is that this will be viewed as a victory for gay activism against the Church. I feel like the group is marching with this goal, i.e., a lobbying effort. THAT is my problem with it. I don’t think anyone objects to gays marching in parades. I am confident that they have done that for years. I think it would be objectionable to not want gay people in a parade. Why, because it goes against Church teaching, that is why. Is it against Church teaching to oppose groups that oppose Church teaching marching in this parade? Who knows? :rolleyes:

It ain’t over 'til it’s over.


It almost sounds as if he will lead this years parade but if policies change, and more groups are allowed in. he would withdraw.

This is an important year for NY because it is only the second time that a Cardinal has been a Grand Marshall. The last being Cardinal O’Connell in 1996.

Here is the list and if you click on link on right, it gives the whole list.


You got that right! But enter the lobbyists who will flaunt it in our faces in an effort to undermine traditional values and our religious convictions. Think they’ll be much open to dialogue and goodwill? NOT!


I might suggest that some hairdressers are gay because, at least in the past, gays tended to choose jobs where they’d be accepted.

Maybe a gay hairdresser won’t be laughted at or insulted by the other hairdressers for being gay, while a gay person working someplace else might get fired on the spot.

I remember that stereotype from my 12-year-old days, too. It was explained to me as if it were fact that real male athletes play ice hockey; figure skating was for “fggts.”


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The last being Cardinal O’Connell in 1996.

Sorry for error. Cardinal John O’Connor

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