Nation’s Largest Police Union Throws Full Endorsement Behind Trump


Daily Caller:

Nation’s Largest Police Union Throws Full Endorsement Behind Trump

The nation’s largest police union officially endorsed Republican nominee Donald Trump for president Friday afternoon.The Fraternal Order of Police confirmed its endorsement during its annual national board meeting in Nashville, Tenn., an official told The Daily Caller News Foundation. The organization, which represents 330,000 officers nationwide, released a statement over Twitter:

“Mr. Trump has seriously looked at the issues facing law enforcement today,” Chris Canterbury, national president of the union said in a statement. “He understands and supports our priorities and our members believe he will make America safe again.”
Trump met with the Fraternal Order Aug. 5, after submitting a questionnaire that the union sent out to candidates pursuing the presidency. In the questionnaire, Trump blasted politicians who “demonized unions representing law enforcement.”

Trump levied attacks against President Barack Obama for what the union contended were “politically motivated attacks” against its officers. “It is not the role of the President to involve himself in activities at the local or state level,” Trump said in the questionnaire.

Trump also vowed to protect law enforcement officers’ pensions and benefits. He took a favorable stand on the issuance of body cameras at police departments nationwide as part of a $75 million program under the Obama administration to purchase 50,000 body cameras for state and local law enforcement agencies. Trump assured wary officers that a proper balance between good management and protection of privacy would be used.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton did not show interest in courting the police union, failing to fill out the questionnaire or meet with the organization. Her campaign embraced the Black Lives Matter group and other activists groups.
Clinton invited the Mothers of the Movement, an organization closely tied to Black Lives matter to speak at the Democratic National Convention, a move that shocked and infuriated the law enforcement community.

HRC wouldn’t even meet with them? Stupid to the tenth power.




I’m sad Hilary did not respond with support of our police. What kind of country will we be without them? Sure, not all are perfect, sure some changes could be made, but most of them are brave and selfless in our defense… IMHO :thumbsup: to them!




It could just be the math of identity politics. HRC knows there are more criminals than police.


Good for them. :thumbsup:


That’s a darn shame.


I am NOT surprised at anything Hillary does or has done or even will do if she gets a chance. She is a disaster!!! God Bless, Memaw


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