National 33 Hour Election Vigil Eucharistic Adoration Campaign - 2012

National Pre-Election Vigil Eucharistic Adoration Campaign - 2012

:thumbsup:***33 Hours of Eucharistic Adoration Prior to the Election on Nov. 6.

33 hours in honor of each of the 33 years Our Lord lived on this earth, and asking Him for Divine assistance in electing pro-life candidates, and reclaiming America for Christ.

9 am Monday, Nov 5, thru 6 pm Tuesday, Nov 6.

Dear Friends in Christ:

The coming election this November 6, is most critical for our nation and our Church. Our nation, and our freedoms, both religious and in general, are under attack by the Obama administration. It is most important that we implore God’s assistance at this crucial point in our history. If the America we have known is to survive, we must elect responsible leaders who will respect the sanctity of human life, the institution of marriage, and the principles (the Constitution) of our Founding Fathers. We must pray that all Catholics will vote in accordance with the mind of the Church.

We are asking everyone who receives this message to contact your pastors and ask them to make arrangements for 33 hours of continual Eucharistic Adoration beginning at 9 am on Monday, November 5th, and continuing through 6 pm on Tuesday, November 6th. 6 pm Tuesday is usually when the voting polls close. If possible, this adoration period could close with Benediction and recital of the rosary. If the polls close later than 6 pm in your area, the adoration closing time could be extended to match the time when they close. candidates, and reclaiming America for Christ

Please copy this message and email to all your contacts. God bless.

Good. Our parish has Adoration after 8am Mass on ALL Tuesdays, and Benediction prior to 6:30pm Mass. This is the barest minimum Eucharistic Adoration that any parish worth its salt should have. I will carve out a few more hours from my day to attend for this very important cause (I’m an absentee voter, so don’t worry about my civic duty!)

I would like to ask, though; is there an organization or group who is sponsoring and promoting this event? The original message doesn’t give any clue. It just seems like a “Catholic Chain Letter” to me.

Dear Elizium23

Sorry about the missing ID info. The sponsoring organization is Saint Cecilia Classical Productions Inc.

Viva Cristo Rey!

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