National Breast Cancer Foundation


I heard once that the National Breast Cancer society was highly linked with Planned Parenthood. And if you gave to NBCF you would be giving to planned parenthood. I searched the internet but haven’t found any info on the facts. Does anyone know anything about this?
Isn’t the NBCF basically the only organization to donate to that helps with breast cancer? They are the pink ribbon people, right?

Any facts? Any thought??

Thank you!

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation has given Planned Parenthood about 1/2 million dollars to diagnose breast cancer. The National Breast Cancer Foundation is a separate entity and has no affiliation to PP.


Aha! Thank you very much for clearing that up for me! :thumbsup: Much, much appreciated. I guess my only question is…which one sells the pink ribbons?

Thanks again Nohome!

Never mind :o
I have my answer…the Susan Koman is the ones that has the pink ribbons.


Wait a minute, they both have pink ribbons. I’m confused.

Scroll to the bottom of this page on this link, in the box titled “statements” it say’s that they haven’t donated to Planned Parenthood.

?? Any other thoughts or facts from anyone would be appreciated. This is a huge issue. And I think most people would like to know where there money is going.

Thank you! (sorry for so many posts on my own thread :blush: )

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