National Cathedral goes off the deep end

Technically this is an opinion piece, so I’m putting it here. It’s about the paganization of the [Episcopal] National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.


“‘I want to skateboard down it — or have a paper-airplane contest,’ Mr. Hall, a tall, white-haired priest, said Monday as he watched about 100 people practice tai chi in the football-field-long, rectangular nave.”

That’s right. The nave — the heart of the church leading to the altar. They took out the seats to stage activities including yoga sessions during five days of “Seeing Deeper.” I wonder if they have given thought to renaming the nave as the “navel,” as in contemplating one’s own?

The cathedral’s website promised that “written prayers, yoga mats, zafu meditation cushions, poetry, and mandalas to draw and color” would be “available as reflection tools.”

For those unfamiliar with Eastern religions, you use a zafu during a zazen (sitting) meditation session. Mandalas are geometric patterns representing the cosmos, and are used in Hinduism, which has thousands of gods, or in Buddhism, which is godless.

And it is amazing that the Catholic Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Washington D.D. will be packed with thousands of pro-life young people praying to end abortion. Watch EWTN, it won’t be on the other medias. What a difference!!! God Bless, Memaw

Both sad and disturbing.

Pray for the church and its priests.

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Glad Peter Marshall isn’t alive to see this.

This is on our list of MUST SEE sites in Washington for our family trip this summer. The news about permitted useages in the National Cathedral is disheartening, although we will probably go see the building while we are there. I am uncomfortable with secular uses of sacred spaces, but our Episcopal Cathedral here conducts silent movie nights in theirs so it seems to be permissable in the US anyway.

I am shocked but not surprised-somewhere there must be a happy medium-our Congregation is presently searching for a Rector-so we had a “fill in Priest” yesterday-

he is a Very right Reverend -sort of like a Catholic Monsignor-he conducted a very Anglo Catholic Service (fairly strict Rite 1) -the comments were furious-“well at least he left out the incense” sort of summed it up-

In the Episcopal Church most of the Congregations are middle of the road-wanting to keep our traditions but also desiring modernity -banging tambourines and rock music are not my cup of tea nor is the stiff non joyous service given yesterday-

Eastern religions do not belong in a Christian Church-

somebody in the Episcopal Church needs to says the words STOP & NO

Our Presiding Bishop is not about to do so

Those silly Episcopalians…

This wouldn’t be happening if the Anglican Church of North America (Episcopal splinter group) was gaining traction. :frowning:



Sorry to hear about the incense, though.

GKC, Anglicanus Catholicus

It is gaining moderate traction. But it needs to sort itself out, to determine what sort of thing it will be.


Just a minor note - the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception is a basilica, not a cathedral. The cathedral for the Archdiocese of Washington is St. Matthew’s, located downtown.
Good things are done there in any case.

That is so sad. What next. Poker tables and slot machines…!

Cathedrals throughout the world are used in a variety of ways. Some serve as a hostel for travelers and protection for the poor, concerts, plays. I have had the joy of worshiping in both St Patrick’s and St John the Divine; the experience is deeply felt/ appreciated.

Yeah, I had the same desire when I visited Holy Hill, the National Shrine of Mary, Help of Christians, in Wisconsin during the Christmas season. (Insert here drips of sarcasm)

BTW, Catholic or not, if you ever get the chance to visit Holy Hill, it is well worth it. It is an incredible sanctuary, with beautiful grounds. They have an outdoor Stations of the Cross (closed while we were there because of the snow) which we were told is wonderful.

No charge, either. :wink:


Yes, St Matthew’s is very beautiful as well and lots of good things happen there.

Yes; isn’t the idea that secular enjoyments should be kept out of church a relatively modern one?

Thanks for the correction!!, God Bless, Memaw

I think there is a difference between a concert, a play or flower show in a Cathedral and a non-christian practices in a christian church. God Bless, Memaw

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