National Cathedral goes off the deep end

A bingo hall? :smiley:

If that’s meant to be a slam against the Catholic Church, Bingo was never held inside the Church. Get a grip. God Bless, Memaw


St. Matthew’s plays a small part in my novel – it’s where my protagonist goes to Mass when he’s in D.C. I wrote that section in accordance with what was on their website.

If anyone is interested, here is the description of the activities in the week long program which took place:

Oh too weird!!! The guy who taught the Tai Chi class - I was at his wedding!! Bizarre!

Be sure to bring binoculars so you can find the Darth Vader gargoyle. :smiley: I lived in DC for a few years. Feel free to PM me if you want some tips!

Meanwhile, back at the thread… Does this really come as a surprise to anyone? Anyone who’s been following the Cathedral in the news knows it’s no secret that it’s been at the forefront of Leftist and Secular causes.

Doesn’t look much like poker, does it. Or Leftist. Looks a bit as though it’s to do with the human spirit. Disgraceful, no doubt.

When you consider it the charter of the National Cathedral is to be a place of prayer for ALL people. Not just Episcopalians or even just Christians but all people It is after all a place for people of all faiths that was only built by and financed by TEC. Tai Chi it seems to me more an excercise regimen than any thing else.

Went there many times when I was stationed in the DC area. As a tourist, of course. Beautiful building.


Yes, the Stations are inspiring.
I have been there several times, each time we visit relatives in Milwaukee. Love it.
If you could suggest a Lutheran shrine-type place (Lutherans have shrines maybe?), preferably in the Eastern US or Canada, I would try to visit.
Or an Episcopal shrine. I’m pretty sure they have them.

Christianity is an Eastern religion. So I guess you meant “Other eastern religions do not belong in a Christian Church.”


Visit St Joan of Ark Chapel at Marquette as well. It’s the only place I know of where mass is at 10pm during the week. It used to be at 9pm. It was imported stone by stone from France. A very special place to celebrate mass and to listen to the Jesuits.


Don’t give anyone ideas!
I hate it for the Episcopal Church and our National Cathedral.

What doesn’t have to do with “the human spirit?” The human spirit is capable of a great deal of rather odd, bizarre and often malevolent acts. So you are advocating that whatever comes from the human spirit should be celebrated?

No need to distinguish between the sacred and the profane because both equally represent the human spirit?

Where did you get that from? I advocated nothing of the kind. Nor is there anything in the programme that proposes bizarre or malevolent acts. Or, as was suggested by some of the more hysterical posts earlier in this thread, anything that promotes paganism or poker or slot machines or bingo. The programme is concerned with such dangerously Leftie things as prayer, calmness, Christian music, and vigil. Off the deep end indeed.

here is another non-Christian event that they hold there. I agree that the building should be open to all, but they should draw the line with allowing non-Christians events and secular items to fill it.

I don’t think it’s fair to dismiss these posts as “hysterical.” The unexaggerated fact is the building has been used for the promotion of a multitude of Leftist causes, and its leaders have been quoted to consider themselves “non-Theistic Christians,” whatever that absurd label is supposed to mean.

The concern is simply that a place that has supposedly been set aside for the sacred is now being [ab]used for the political and secular. Not to be picky, Picky, but that’s a legitimate concern.

Those may well be the unexaggerated facts; I have no reason – and not enough knowledge – to doubt you, so I believe you. What I also know, however, is that those huffery-puffery forum-score’em posts I referred to on this thread are not borne out by the programme of events pointed at by the OP. I’m only an Anglican by nationality :wink: but I sense a lot of posters here are like greyhounds in the slips waiting for a juicy opportunity to get outraged by the Episcopal Church. Don’t you?


I believe you’re conflating two different posts. The post you responded to (with the schedule-link) was not the OP. The OP contained this link:

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