National Cathedral to Host First Muslim Prayer


At an Episcopal Cathedral.

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The Episcopal communion isn’t apostolic so their cathedral is of no religious significance to us. They’re extremely liberal (woman bishops, openly gay clergy, strongly pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia, etc) so you shouldn’t find this surprising. Sad, but not surprising.

As long as the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception doesn’t house any Islamic prayer services…


I think it is quite sad, but it is just one more incident in a long line of decisions both locally and nationally which have the Cathedral in dire straits.

I think they need prayers.


It is a lovely building architecturally speaking.


I think the Anglican Ordinariate might see a rise in numbers.


What kind of reaction do you think would happen if a Mosque hosted a Christian prayer service?


I think the folks in hell would be reaching for their winter coats and building fires to keep warm.


I often wonder if things like this are a deliberate attempt by our separated brethren to openly shame The Church and stir up anti catholic sentiment. If a non catholic church (location) which is well known but often is confused with a catholic cathedral host a service like this one, two things are accomplished:
Makes anti catholics dislike the church more out of confusion.
Makes protestants feel that their churches are more tolerant and charitable than the catholic church.

Either way this was allowed in an effort to cause confusion, and to strip away the necessary distinctions between christian and non christian denominations.

As a side note I was almost denied a grade in a sociology class because I refused to attend a prayer service at a mosque down the street from my former college. This mosque was not hosting a christian service so I declined and did another assignment in its place. What disturbed me is how we are always being encouraged to host Muslim prayer services in the parishes here in sacramento but no mosque would ever host an advent service but want us to host Ramadan services. They excuse used is that though christians believe in the same god, we are considered/accused of being poly-thiest therefore a service honoring “many gods” could never be permitted. But since we have God in common we are expected to be open to services that don’t recognize who Jesus actually is.

I think in time there will be such a muddling of beliefs that no distinctions will be tolerated. Everything will be scrubbed and a basic spirituality will be all that’s allowed for christians with god or whatever you choose being what is worshiped including ones self in time eventually getting down to a totally atheistic society as a whole. It can and will happen if we do nothing.

Blessings Elsker, Mary


In what sense?


Published on Nov 14, 2014
Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) spoke on the House floor today about the DC’s National Cathedral hosting of a Muslim prayer service on the anniversary of when the last Caliph declared war against the infidel.


Published on Nov 14, 2014
Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) spoke on the House floor today about the DC’s National Cathedral hosting of a Muslim prayer service on the anniversary of when the last Caliph declared war against the infidel.

Take time and listen to Rep. Gohmert.

The only thing I disagree with him about is his belief in moderate Muslims. I don’t believe there is such a thing in that context.


It doesn’t matter if ir is no religious significance to you. It is the national cathedral of our country. I believe Woodrow Wilson is buried there and Helen Keller. Funerals of important people like some of our presidents are held there. They have held ecumenical services there before. This is supposed to be a way to help create understanding so they say. A mosque woukd never open their doors for Christians to enter and pray Christian prayers. Dr. Billy Graham posted on facebook it was a sad day. I agree. If a mosque reciprocates I will be shocked!


What does the reaction of Muslims to a Christian prayer service at a Mosque have to do with the topic? Are we Christians supposed to base our actions on what people of other faiths think or do?


The “Cathedral” with THIS statue of Christ judging the nations ensconced and towering above the high altar?

…And this monumental stained glass depiction of Jesus Christ on a cross (center one)?

Maybe it would be a Christian witness the prayer group has never seen. And a good thing.

Don’t ask me what would happen if the group should consider such “idols” and in iconoclastic tradition smash them. But I’m SURE someone has already thought of that. :hmmm:

For the record, I don’t “get” the Darth Vader gargoyle statue on the facade of the National Cathedral at all. :confused:


They said they set their prayer rugs in a part of the cathedral where they would not be exposed to so many crosses or symbols and that they shielded their eyes when they saw any.
At least the cathedral was not asked to cover any crosses or symbols like the Catholic university Obama spoke at once.


First I think Christians shouldn’t feel a need to determine their actions based on whether or not they think Muslims would reciprocate. I think fostering understanding and showing love towards others of different beliefs is not something for us to fear. Not everyone holds to the same beliefs in a country and world of many faiths. I have on more than one occasion opened my home to my Muslim friends and neighbors as they have theirs to me. We have helped each other in times of need. We have shared meals together. Love your neighbor Christ commanded. Peace and goodwill towards all God’s created people.


The shielding of their eyes when they saw a cross or a Christian symbol I find to be rather disrespectful given that they were guests and that it is a Christian house of worship (one would think that if they needed to shield their eyes from Christian symbols they wouldn’t be able to enter a Christian house of worship).


I agree!


Thank you. I always wonder about this “they wouldn’t, so we shouldn’t” attitude.


One news article mentioned a ‘heckler’ attempting to interupt the service.

I’m conflicted about this; obviously we’d all prefer to neutralize Islam with love rather than force. I think I’d be more bothered if the National Cathedral was a conventional parish church; as it is, it’s really just a stage for when politicians want to pretend to be engaged with matters spiritual. Still, in seeing a place that is nominally a church covered in prayer rugs makes me think of St. Sophie’s in old Constantinople; there’s a feeling of desecration there. There’s a Canadian television show I like called Little Mosque on the Prairie about a Muslim community renting the parish hall of an Anglican church as its mosque. At one point one of the mosque’s members is attempting to educate her fellow Muslims about Christian practices, and she’s wandering all around the sanctuary, waving a communion wafer around. When I saw that I was aghast, even though it was a television show. I like the show because it explores avenues of dialogue between Christianity and Islam, shows that many Muslims have more in common with orthodox Christians than they both do with the more secularized public…but that instance felt very if unintentionally disrespectful. More care should be taken, more acknowledgement that the Cathedral isn’t some hospital chapel, but a place dedicated to Christ the King – not Christ the perfectly swell prophet.

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