National Catholic Register vs. Reporter

I’m an Old Catholic, and based on my Old Catholic beliefs I tend to be very “conservative” on a great deal of issues and in my attitude towards my faith and the world, but more “liberal” on other issues (or rather, details within other issues… details, details…). Some would outright categorize me as “liberal”, however. [If I had to, I would still personalize call myself conservative so that might explain the below]

Anyhow, I had heard that the National Catholic Reporter was a liberal Catholic newspaper. So I read an article online about a nun who had been thrown out of her diocese and I though maybe it’s not so bad. Just in case, I requested a sample issue of the National Catholic Reporter. Let’s just say it’s not quite what I expected. I was very disappointed. I felt like I had just read a New Age newspaper rather than a Catholic one. I felt as if these “liberal Catholics” had thrown the baby out with the bathwater, throwing out all the rich beauty of Catholic spirituality for a “hugs and kisses” bland spirituality. Yes, I have some liberal views, but that doesn’t mean I throw out all that makes me Catholic. If I wanted to do that, I wouldn’t even call myself Catholic!

How conservative is the National Catholic Register? Is it objective, or designed to argue from a conservative point of view on all issues? Even if it was, I have a feeling I would probably still prefer the National Catholic Register to the National Catholic Reporter.

Your own thoughts, opinions, on comparing these two?

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I’ve always loved that the internet opened so many doors to Catholic News. Frankly I haven’t always trusted all the information in church bulletins and diocesan newspapers and have found direct conflicts between the bishops in the US and Rome.
So I have a ton of bookmarked websites just for Catholicism on my computer. One day I ran into the National Catholic Reporter (I already had the Register bookmarked). I started reading the articles and over a series a weeks I became alarmed over the unabashed support the Reporter gives to WomenPriests, Homosexuality, birth control, and the like.
The National Catholic Reporter is CERTAINLY NOT Catholic. I doubt seriously if many of the authors there are even Catholic. If anything I’d say the website is seriously ANTI-CATHOLIC. The use of National Catholic Reporter (NCR) no doubt came about to snag Catholics searching for the National Catholic Register (NCR).
Seems the Bishop in Kansas City would be fighting this group tooth and nail to have the “Catholic” removed" from them. They are about as Catholic as Luther and Calvin.

The National Catholic Register has a conservative slant. But, I like it that way!

I’d also say that it is very positive about the state and direction of the Church. I enjoy the blend of conservative and optimistic viewpoints.

I think every Catholic should have a subscription. :thumbsup:

The Register is orthodox. Reporter is heterodox.

I prefer the Reporter, it has a broad look at many issues which you do not see very often in the Catholic media realm. I am glad they are around to present those.

I think both papers are slanted and I prefer neither, although individual articles from either are fine if you are willing to do some additional research.

I haven’t read these publications in quite some time. However, from what I remember the “Reporter” is liberal and the “Register” is conservative. I wonder which one has tjhe largest circulatuion? Also, didn’t the "Legionaires of Christ, a traditionalist type Catholic order, buy the “Register?”


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