National Catholic Reporter: From Holland, a refreshing notion

From Holland, a refreshing notion

Issue Date: December 14, 2007

From Holland, a refreshing notion

American Catholics should take note of what is happening in the Netherlands. Not that it will result in sudden, dramatic change in the church, or that it needs to, but because it reveals a different, much freer way of being church than American Catholics are normally used to. Dutch Catholics have been facing all the same church issues we find here: a priest shortage, a leadership vacuum, an official preference for the temple priesthood over the pastoral, while the world races toward an unknown future like a crowded bus without brakes or headlights. They have some ideas.

My suggestion to the fine folks at the National Catholic Reporter: move to Holland. And don’t forget to pack your bongo drums and dentures!

The NC Reporter has been “out of touch” with Catholic teachings for some time now. Not to be confused with the National Catholic Register, which is a much better publication.

Last lines of the article…
“They are seeing the future with courage and welcoming it as eucharistic people. And we can learn from them about how to be church from below, with or without permission from above.”

I really don’t know what to make of that website. I don’t know it’s history, but I can’t even tell if it really is a Catholic site.

They seem to revel in mocking HMC, and attempting to promote the most absurd agendas of radical special interest groups.
Or are they just the national enquirer of “church news” ?

A “church from below, with or without permission from above.” ? Why do I think of satan when I read that ?

Time to get out the old trusty torch and pitchfork…

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