National Catholic Reporter honors gay couple as Persons of the Year


Both men have been active in their Catholic parish, Our Lady of Lourdes, for nearly 30 years. In March, The Huffington Post spent an evening with Bourke and DeLeon in Louisville as they worked a Friday fish fry during Lent.
“I’ve been here almost four years, and there might be a handful of people who are uncomfortable,” Father Scott Wimsett, the pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes, said at the time. “But [Bourke and DeLeon] are loved and respected and people call them. They’re involved, and you see how they fit in.”


It is the National Catholic Reporter:

Look what Bishop Helmsing said in 1968 about this publication:

Does various things mentioned still not ring true to what NCR is publishing?


fish wrap is not a catholic newspaper (that is what the reporter is…fish wrap…and very liberal and definitely does NOT follow nor promote actual church doctrine)

Read the Register, owned by EWTN for real Catholic news articles. That newspaper, faithful to the Magesterium, would never name a gay “couple” people of the year.




I’m more concerned that their Priest and parish appears to be condoning this couple.




This is why SOURCES matter. Pray for NCR and the wayward Catholics.


Yep. I don’t expect anything more from the National Catholic Distorter. It’s non-Catholic garbage, and has been for over 50 years.

Seeing Priests “leading” people in this manner is serious business. St. John Vianney, pray for us.


since I converted, I have heeded the advice of people here at CAF about
the National Catholic Reporter and I have not read it.
I do enjoy the National Catholic Register.

It is too bad the Reporter is still in print.


Hopefully the bishop will step in and correct this errant pastor who is leading his flock into sin and damnation.


I used to get it confused with the National Catholic Register. The way I keep them straight in my mind now is that one of them rhymes with “distorter,” thanks to posters here.

I’m surprised they’re even allowed to use that name.

Given the similarity of the two names (three words, first two the same, same three initials), you’d thing the Register (which had the name first) would take some sort of legal action.


I actually read the article in the National Catholic Reporter. I’m curious if any other posters read the article, or if they are commenting only on the thread title and / or preconceived notions of what the National Catholic Reporter is all about?


Various NCR articles have shown support for dissenting positions, positions that are at odds with Catholic teaching.

Take one example. Look at this article regarding what an NCR editorial said regarding ordination:


I read the article from another link before I saw the thread here. Not sure what your point is. This is a typical NCRep story including the line at the end of the story about the Church changing her stance on homosexual unions. While some may have preconceived notions on what the NCRep is about, this article only confirms them


I read the article.

The full article:

The article portrays the gay couple in a sympathetic light. It mentions that they volunteered at a parish event and quotes their pastor saying what good people they are.

There are also supportive quotes from leaders of what appear to be pro-LGBT groups (DignityUSA and the Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry).

The second half of the article, as another poster suggested, seems to suggest “change.” There is a quote from an archbishop quoting the Catholic Catechism on opposition to unjust discrimination, but nothing about the Catholic view of marriage.



Wasn’t aware gay people were incapable of being good people, good Catholics.

Even if one proclaims them to be sinners, we are all sinners. Calling them “disgusting” (as I read above) is just another example of why the church is seen as so anti-gay. It’s a shame.


I don’t see any post calling these folks disgusting.


The article says this couple “tell the story of the benefits of same-sex marriage.” Even calling their arrangement a “marriage” is to adopt a dogma that is rejected by Catholicism. At one point it quotes as part of the great value of this “couple” how one of them said the Church “present[s] a barrier” to gay activism with regard to Boy Scouts. The article admits that NCR itself advocates for Church policies that ensure couples in gay “marriages” can still work in the Church.

The whole article, like many of NCR’s, is a gay activist propaganda piece and an embarrassment. It’s shameful. And it does not speak for the Church. That they retain the name “Catholic” in their publication is a scandal and less than honest.


So it’s perfectly alright to “celebrate” one’s sins.


Nobody is saying that gay people are incapable of becoming good Catholics.

The ‘open gay relationship’ is the sin which has upset some here. It should never be condoned by a Priest.

I don’t agree with people calling them “disgusting”. To me a gay person having sex outside of marriage is just as sinful as a heterosexual person having sex outside of marriage.

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