National Catholic Reporter Misleads Readers on Stem Cell Research

National Catholic Reporter Misleads Readers on Stem Cell Research
by Jack Smith

Bill Tammeus has written a column over at NCR titled “It’s easy to be misled on stem cell research,” and he proves the point pretty well himself. It’s hard to tell though whether he’s misled or intending to mislead. At any rate, certainly his editors know he’s factually incorrect.

Here’s the original link to the NCRp article:

It’s easy to be misled on stem cell research

The writer states he is a Protestant who is not bound by Catholic teaching. His perspective is flawed to begin with.

God bless,

I saw the same thing. He’s misleading throughout the article. Shaving words to convey meaning. It’s awful.

The whole web site and organization is about as full of dissent as you can get. I used to regularly respond. I decided to pray for deeper conversion, theirs and mine.

It sounds as though he is also trying to make excuses as to why adult stem cell research has been useful clinically, and embryonic stem cell research has not:“I’ve been writing about stem cell research for much of the last decade, so I know that research using adult stem cells has been going on for more than 50 years. By contrast, the first report of early human stem cells produced by somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) was not published until 2004. So it’s not surprising that some effective therapies that use adult stem cells exist while many therapies using early SCNT stem cells still are in development.”

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