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I have never read such blatant hersey before as found in this article:

Can they seriously call themselves Catholic? Sometimes I wish the Church could move more quickly with correction on groups such as these. When I read this article I was filled with disgust but now after reading it I will pray for these poor souls so that they may see the truth in the Church.

Gotta love the National Catholic DISTORTER! LOL

That rag has more moonbattery than a MoveOn.Org conference!

The winds of change, fueled by the breath of satan. :mad:

Modernism manifest.

They are in reality “closet protestants” because they protest most things that the Church teaches. They are wrong and should be disregarded.

The Bishops should try to ban this publication. If they can’t ban it, then they should condemn it.

The worst sentence out of that article is that 70% of Americans (supposedly) support female ordination. If enough Catholics understood their faith, these deviants wouldn’t be receiving all this encouragement. In an environment that is hostile to orthodoxy, heterodoxy abounds.

The Church survived Arianism, when the majority of Bishops and the Emperor supported it. It will survive this also.

The best antidote to the screed printed in the National Catholic Distorter is to subscribe to:

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or…preferably both.

I subscribed to National Catholic Reporter back when I was a flaming liberal. Finally it became more liberal than even I could take so I canceled my subscription. :coffeeread:

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