National monument for abortion victims


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There is a petition on, that I think is pretty worthy. It is to petition the USCCB to put up a national monument for the victims of abortion.


This will absolutely never fly.

Monuments of the ten commandments and religious topics are being torn down, not erected.


They are being torn down because they are on public land. You can put a monument to anything you darn well want on your own property. Be sure to hire good security for when the protesters show up to vandalize it.


Well, the post says “national” monument, so I assume it would be on public land. However, Spyridon, you make a tragic mistake by associating it with religion. By doing so you give weight to the argument that there shouldn’t be laws against abortion, because it is just a religious belief that abortion is wrong. It is not. Abortion is murder. There are even pro-life atheists. This is a matter of life and death. Whether or not eating pork is sinful is just a religious belief. Whether or not killing a human being with unique DNA is murder deals with more than religious beliefs. It deals with science and philosophy. Abortion is murder and should be outlawed. I will gladly sign the petition.

Edit: I just read what the acronym USCCB stands for, so I guess it wouldn’t be on public land? It wouldn’t be a national monument then right?


I don’t know, I imagine the USCCB would have some ideas or input on that. Really, I am surprised this has not been done already.


My town has such a monument. It is located in the Catholic cemetery.

I’d venture that monuments like this exist all over the nation and the world.


Wow, thats great. I have never even heard of one. Glad to know that there are at least a few. I very seriously doubt there are many though, more people would have heard of them.


CAll the pro-life office at your Diocese, they can tell you about those in your area.


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