National Muslim civil rights organization condemns Sheriff Hammond's warning about Islam

A national Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization today spoke out against Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond’s Monday claim that Islam is “communism with a god” and a threat against constitutional government.
The Council on American-Islamic Relations asked state and federal officials to step up protection of Tennessee Muslims today. On Monday, Hammond urged other Tennessee sheriffs to keep a close eye on Islamic activity. He claimed federal officials are ignoring “the strongest infringement that we’ve had in our country as a constitutional government since communism.”

Islam is “communism with a god?” Speaking as someone who has studied both Communism (MA in Soviet studies, 25 years as a USSR analyst) and Islam (8 years as a Middle East analyst), I have to say that the good sheriff doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Islam is a threat to constitutional government? On second thought, maybe he does :stuck_out_tongue:

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