National Pro-Life Action Day Nov. 24: In Honor of James Pouillon

Some Pro-Life groups and activists are going to hold Pro-Life signs outside public schools on November 24th, 2009, in order to spread the Pro-Life message and to pay tribute to James Pouillon, who tirelessly championed the Pro-Life cause and message for decades.

James Pouillon, 63, a Pro-Life advocate and demonstrator, was murdered in Owosso, Michigan, outside of a public High School by a man who opposed Pouillon’s message of Life on September 11, 2009.

Does anyone know any more about any Pro-Life events taking place in any of the major cities on November 24th, 2009??

I haven’t heard much about this:


Pouillon was often harassed by public school officials, city government officials, and some business owners because of his Pro-Life message.

Pouillon never gave up, and went to court to protect his Civil Rights, winning a case against the City of Owosso, Michigan on appeal:

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