National Pro-Life T-shirt Day - Where do you buy yours?


April 29 is National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day. Where do you buy your pro-life t-shirts?

I’ve found these places, but they’re all so expensive!
Heritage House

Also, do you put your children in pro-life t-shirts? There’s a debate raging in our church on if the more graphic designs are appropriate for children, particularly because of the attention it will attract to them.


You could check, though they have all viewpoints there. So they’ll have pro-choice stuff, too. I know that bothers some people, so I wanted to warn you.

I never heard of this day, and as every day is pro-life bumper sticker day on my car, I don’t think I’ll add t-shirts on the kids. :shrug:



I forgot to include the link about the day. They have an official t-shirt, and it is one that parents dispute if it is appropriate for children.


I’m … not quite sure. I do have a pro-life bumper sticker (and would add more if I found some I liked), but I still am undecided about this: does wearing a T-shirt or posting a bumper sticker really further the cause? Does it make anyone think twice about abortion? Does it alienate others from the cause?

Part of me wants to scream the pro-life message from the top of my lungs, and the other part wonders if it does any good.

Thoughts, anyone?


Wearing a t-shirt in school (high school, college) at the very least opens some eyes to the awareness of what is happening.

Personally I would prefer to get involved in other ways. I volunteer at a CPC, there are other ways from praying outside an Abortion Mill to sidewalk councilling or getting in on the political end of working to get pro-life politicians elected.

Brenda V.


we had ours made locally from design made by one of our catechists for Pro-Life Rosary and Eucharistic Procession in Jan, she makes a new one each year and we sell them through CCD and Youth Group to the parish. then we can wear them all year, including this month, and in October or any event where appropriate


HERSHEY: You can buy the official shirt from the American Life League (they started this day 6 years ago) for only $6.50 at the primary website: .

HERSHEY: You can see from their video that they even advocate wearing an old one or making your own, so they are clearly motivated by the volume of wearers and not schlocking shirts like some others on Cafe Press.

HERSHEY: To answer another poster’s thought on whether it makes a difference: YES it does! ANY repetition of any message is to the benefit of the topic. That is exactly why NASCAR puts all those logos on the cars. When you see the “Pepsi” car go by 400 times, you are 20 times more likely to buy a Pepsi in the next few days. The only problem in NASCAR is the sponsors are way over done, so viewers are bombarded with 500 logos.

HERSHEY: With a Pro-life t-shirt, it’s not like the pro-aborts are wearing “let’s go murder a baby today” shirts, so we ‘win’ the message war by default if only for a day.

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