National Secular Society finds ultrasound image of unborn child "horrifying"

Tuesday, 15 June 2010
National Secular Society finds ultrasound image of unborn child “horrifying”

Last week I blogged on the new advertising campaign being launched this year by a coalition of Protestant Churches. The adverts will show an ultrasound image of an unborn baby with a halo around his head, with the accompanying words: “He’s on His way. Christmas starts with Christ.”

I was asked by Ruth Gledhill, religious correspondent for The Times, to provide a comment. I said: “This advertisement sends a powerful message to everyone in Britain where 570 babies are killed every day in the womb, 365 days a year, under the Abortion Act. Whenever we kill an unborn child in an abortion, we are killing Jesus."

Ruth Gledhill’s article also included a comment from Terry Sanderson, of the National Secular Society, who criticised the image. Mr Sanderson said: “At first glance it looks like a poster for a horror film — perhaps The Omen VI: He’s Coming to Get You.”

Calling an ultrasound image of a healthy baby “horrifying” is just silly.

At the same time, I don’t think the halo appeared in the original ultrasound. That’s sort of a stretch. And it actually leaves open the possibility for pro-abortion groups to support abortion on the grounds that these infants are bound for heaven anyway.

Not if your satanicly evil and opposed to the creation of all new life, then it makes perfect sense that you would be horrified.


Well if you all remember this year’s Super Bowl, Tim Tebow and his mother did an ad for a pro-family organization, which does do pro-life work as well. The add never mentioned the terms ‘abortion’, ‘pro-life’, or ‘pro-choice’, or anything really of that nature. It was mostly his mom talking about the terrible health issues she had during his pregnancy and was given a lot of suggestions about what to do (without specifying any), and she made the choice that resulted in Tim Tebow.

I can’t recall if it was the head of NOW, Planned Parenthood, or some other pro-abortion advocacy group who called the ad “Sickening” and “disgraceful”, but I know most pro-abortion groups had some sort of negative comments regarding it.

At the end of the day, these “pro-choice” groups don’t really offer support for the woman’s choice to keep the child (probably because there is no money in it for them). It does make me feel good though knowing how frightened they are of people recognizing the preborn child as a human being.

Let us all pray for the end of the horrific destruction of all human life

I put the ultrasound photo of my son in his baby book. I think it is beautiful.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist vetoed a bill that would have made women seeking abortions look at an ultrasound of the baby first before going through the procedure.

Thanks a lot, Charlie (not)! :frowning:

Such a shame that they can kill without ever having to see the life they are destroying. Even the executioner sees the prisoner approaching…

Or worse: The image has been digitally altered by the addition of a “halo” – Makes you wonder what else might have been manipulated to tug at heart strings?

I agree: “Horrifying” is a stupid description. But at the same time, I cannot say I am fond of the image or the campaign.


Interesting to note that Mr. Sanderson described the image in terms of an advertisement for a Hollywood film. That’s the secular world for you; always DISTORTING REALITY and perceiving it through the FICTIONAL terminology common to the “virtual” world of the social matrix. “The Omen”? The FACT is, Mr. Sanderson, that it is an image of a HUMAN BEING. And, the fact that it is dependent upon its mother for its life right now, doesn’t make it any less of a human being than a one-day-old infant.

The word “horrifying” doesn’t appear in the quote. He said that it looks at first glance as if it’s a poster for a horror film. My impression is that he was trying to be funny about it.

Nothing like twisting quotes around to support an ideological agenda, eh? :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

It’s SUPPOSED to represent the Fetal Christ in Mary’s womb,not just any pre-born child so the Halo,obviously photoshopped is entirely appropriate,but maybe this is what the secularists find so “horrifying”.Daily they condemn and reveal themselves by their own words.“Blasphemy is the language of the damned”, to quote a Saint whose name escapes me

Nice semantic backflip.Did it hurt?

If they can’t see the baby,the baby does not exist.That’s why people get bent out of shape when they see photographs of torn apart pre-born babies because reality sets in.

Pro-choice is really just a misnomer. Far from wanting choice, the members of the culture of the death do everything possible to ensure that relevant information on life does not become available.

It happens like so time and again.

Absolutely true.They are so far up to necks in filth and death they could not possibly recognise life and because of the hold of Satan I think these images are like the Cross with Christ suspended from it.They run from the sight and because of their own personal self-revulsion and literal self-damnation they want to hide the truth so that others will keep them company in their desolation and misery.I truly believe that many abortionists and people who work in those clinics suffer de facto diabolical possession.

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