National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's job security in jeopardy


From CBS News:

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s job security is in jeopardy, CBS News has learned, and White House policy adviser Stephen Miller’s studied non-defense of Flynn illustrates a new level of isolation from Trump and his inner circle.

Flynn’s deception about conversations with the Russian ambassador about Obama administration sanctions have deeply soured his relationship with Vice President Mike Pence. Two sources with direct knowledge of the situation describe Pence as aggravated by Flynn’s decision to deceive Pence – forcing him to say things on Flynn’s behalf on “Face The Nation” and other shows that have proven to be untrue. Pence relied on Flynn’s representations and feels burned, the sources said.‎


Fake news.


I think that this is going to be a major scandal for the new administration. Stay tuned.


Thanks but no thanks. Not to speculation from Fake News as if It is actual fact. Come back when you have the real thing. I have no time for that but as for you, sure, you can go on a vigil to wait for anything that comes out of it.


Since when is it Catholic, or even Christian, to indulge in detraction and gloat at another man possibly losing his job?

I pray that the person who started this thread is never in such a situation.


Anything we don’t like is ‘fake news.’ :rolleyes:
Funny fact. During WW2 any news contrary to what the Nazi elite didn’t want the German public to hear was banned. The German people believed they were winning the war right up to the moment the Russians marched into Berlin.
Any news to the contrary was ‘fake’.


The Wall Street Journal has also discussed this:


You can’t just trot this out whenever something happens you don’t like.

“Mein Fuhrer, the Soviets have breached our defenses and are entering Berlin!”
“Psst! Fake news!”

(Just a joke, not comparing Trump to Hitler, no ban please.)

To get back on topic, Flynn is a nut and the further he is from the corridors of power the better off we are.


If only the same rules applied to bashing clergy.


To the best of my knowledge, it is the leftists who are committing riots, violence and the destruction of property to shut off speech.

Secondly, while it has been spoken about for decades, this election brought to light most main stream media outlets are actively engaged in supporting both the leftist agenda and candidates. They have brought the moniker on themselves (ironically by trying to label truthful reporting as fake), while self aggrandizing as “the fourth estate”.

As with any relationship which has experienced broken trust, their words and actions will be viewed with suspicion for a long period until trustworthiness is once again established. The more they continue their bias, the longer it will take. For those who rely on profitability it will likely cause them to close as they lose buyers. For those like the WaPo who were purchased as a mouthpiece for an ideology, they will continue the spiral on the course of propaganda machines and will be called such by those on the other side.

Thanks for your thoughts.


Or as you all are fond of throwing around re the Republicans…Alt right news:rolleyes:


Ooooh, drama! So much fun to perseverate over drama, isn’t it? :rolleyes:


I think Flynn is in serious trouble.

According to CNN:

(CNN)A turbulent weekend has National Security Adviser Michael Flynn on unstable ground with President Donald Trump over Flynn’s inability to deny that he spoke about sanctions against Russia with the Russian ambassador before Trump took office.

Trump, who doesn’t like when his aides generate negative press, has expressed displeasure with Flynn to aides in recent days, said a source close to the President. Trump and his team are particularly bothered by the possibility that Flynn misrepresented his conversations to Vice President Mike Pence.

In the Washington Post:

White House national security adviser Michael Flynn is under increasing political pressure and risks losing the confidence of some colleagues following reports that he misled senior administration officials about his discussion of sanctions with a Russian envoy shortly before President Trump took office.

As White House aides scramble to get their stories straight about the exact nature of those communications and as Democrats call for Flynn’s security clearance to be suspended or revoked, neither Trump nor his advisers have publicly defended Flynn or stated unequivocally that he has the president’s confidence.

In the New York Times:

The national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, has hunkered down since investigators began looking into what, exactly, he told the Russian ambassador to the United States about the lifting of sanctions imposed in the last days of the Obama administration, and whether he misled Vice President Mike Pence about those conversations. His survival in the job may hang in the balance.

In NBC News:

A White House official tells NBC’s Peter Alexander that some White House aides have been encouraging President Trump to consider firing National Security Adviser Michael Flynn for not acknowledging that he spoke to Russia’s ambassador about the sanctions the outgoing Obama administration slapped on Russia — something he and Team Trump denied. On “Meet the Press” yesterday, White House Senior Policy Adviser Stephen Miller refused to say if Trump still had confidence in Flynn.


Made me look up a word!

I never heard it before – thought it was a Dubya-like variation on “persevere”, like “misunderestimate” – turns out it’s perfectly cromulent. :nerd:

Now back to your regularly-scheduled :slapfight:-fest.


Actually, if you read what Germans thought, many if not most believed the war was lost pretty early on. A huge portion of the population was at one front or another, and soldiers went on leave from time to time from zones where things were not going well. But you couldn’t talk about it to others.

I will admit, though, that anymore when the MSM reports some negative thing about the Trump administration gained from unnamed “sources”, I’m skeptical. Too easy to spin the reality or to simply invent it.


That goes for The Donald, too.

It’s not always either/or.

Just sayin’.


:smiley: I’m very glad to have been able to share a new word. You returned the favor, because I had to look up “cromulent”. Very amusing. :slight_smile:


Flynn is in real trouble.

The problem Flynn has is that he is supposed to coordinate and mediate between and among the intelligence, military and diplomatic communities. He has serious and very senior enemies in all three communities. I was a military intelligence officer, and maintain good contacts in both the military and intelligence. A lot of people like Flynn, but too many either don’t like him or believe he is dangerously out of the mainstream. So when he makes a real mistake (and lying to the VP and the public was a big one), there are too many people looking to use that to take him out.

Even if he survives this debacle for now, look for him to be marginalized for a while, and then shuffle off into the sunset at the first opportunity.


The news is breaking now but Flynn has resigned.


Saw that, too

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