National Sunday Law slowing becoming a reality


Sabbath-Sunday Bill Survey Shows Support

by Hillel Fendel

( MK Zevulun Orlev (NRP) has announced the findings of a poll showing 56% support amongst Israelis for his proposed legislation making Sunday a day of rest and allowing some public transportation and entertainment on the Sabbath.

Orlev’s bill would change the official approach to Sabbath as the country’s day of rest. Though businesses and government offices would continue to be closed, places of entertainment would be permitted to open - and public transportation, now banned in most cities on the Sabbath, would be available. The bill stipulates that such transportation and entertainment would be carried out with maximum sensitivity to the religious public.

A survey commissioned by Orlev finds that 56% of the public support his initiative, while 30% object. The poll was carried out by Brain Base (Maagar Mochot) Institute, headed by Prof. Yitzchak Katz.

Orlev’s bill, which he proposed last week, also calls for a second day of rest during the week - Sunday - during which businesses and offices would be closed. This would enable Sabbath-observant families to spend more time together, Orlev explains. Work hours lost to Sunday would be made up largely by increasing the workday on Mondays through Fridays from 8 to 9 hours.

The survey divides the respondents into religious categories, such as secular, hareidi-religious, etc. However, it lumps together the religious-Zionist public with those who consider themselves “traditional,” i.e., minimally observant. The poll finds that 64% of this joint “sector” supports the new bill.

The two groups were combined in the poll, despite the expectation that the two would not have similar views of the issue. Other findings of the poll show, in fact, that support for the bill increases as level of religious observance decreases. For instance, 64% of the secular public supports the bill, compared to only 6% of the hareidi-religious public.

Asked to explain, Orlev’s spokesman Moshe Inbar told Arutz-7 that the breakdown was determined by the pollster, “in consultation with me.” Inbar said that lumping the two sectors together is in keeping with the NRP’s new policy of “opening its gates” to the traditional community.

Arutz-7: “But information is missing from the poll, in that we do not know how many of the mainstream NRP voters - the religious-Zionist public - supports this bill.”

In response, Inbar first suggested that “you can commission your own poll,” but then added, “You can extrapolate from the other findings…”

Orlev said his bill was formulated with the help of leading religious-Zionist rabbis, and does not openly permit activities that are forbidden by the Torah, “but rather does not mention them.”

MK Yitzchak Levy of the National Union party said the bill paves the way for further deterioration in the character of the Sabbath in the State of Israel. The National Union and the NRP joined forces for the last national election, merging into one electoral list.



Bush Grants Self Permission To Grant More Power To Self

WASHINGTON, DC—In a decisive 1–0 decision Monday, President Bush voted to grant the president the constitutional power to grant himself additional powers.

Enlarge Image
President Bush announces announcement of the new power-granting announcement.
“As president, I strongly believe that my first duty as president is to support and serve the president,” Bush said during a televised address from the East Room of the White House shortly after signing his executive order. “I promise the American people that I will not abuse this new power, unless it becomes necessary to grant myself the power to do so at a later time.”

continued here:

Basically the next step is the Sunday law…something bad is going to happen to sway the world into accepting this, and then the end will come just as the gospel is finishing up being preached to the the rest of the globe that hasn’t heard of Jesus yet.


And don’t forget about the national ID cards to take effect
May 8th 2008:

Keep googling and reading…maybe one day it will click in your heads that we know what we are talking about!

Then again, I highly doubt that one happening.


While this particular article is in fact pretty much true, sadly enough, the Onion is not your best bet for finding serious sources. It’s a parody newspaper.



Please show us where in scripture the mark of the beast is expressly linked to sunday worship, because the truth is, we don’t see it. I should know, I spent years of my life frustratedly trying to convince others it was.

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