National Vocations Week: Consecrated Virgins


I thought it appropriate to start the week with information regarding the oldest vocation in the church (after the priesthood) – consecrated virginity.

Here is the website for the US Association of Consecrated Virgins:

Mrs Cloisters OP
Lay Dominican


I am considering becoming a consecrated virgin can anyone offer me any advice here. I live in Scotland. I feel called to this and to be active in service serving the people of God what does it involve what is needed to become one, I have a spiritual director and to help me in me and have been asked to write a paper on it also to help me in discernment


There should be a page on the CV website that outlines a Formation program. See if you can find any CVs there locally to assist you. If not, I’m sure @serrasemper here can help.

And thank you for responding to grace!


thank you for your reply and will look for cvs a good idea thanks


Also, check in with your local diocesan vocations director. If this is your vocation, you will be consecrated by your local bishop, so you need to start a relationship with the chancery now. It’s good that you have an SD. Writing the paper will help you get everything out of your head and in front of you. Sometimes that is necessary to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed, or if you’re approaching the vocation for the wrong reason.

My organization has a CV on staff, and I have forwarded this post to her. Our Cooperators are praying for your discernment process.


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