NationalGeographic | Iraqi Christians Are Taking Up Arms


Duraid Tobiya, the adviser to the Nineveh governor, is also a member of Yacoub’s Assyrian Democratic Movement. He said that since the fall of Mosul, his party had received a delegation from the Lebanese Forces, a militia turned political party, and had also sent representatives to Lebanon twice to meet with the party.

He didn’t elaborate about the nature of the meetings, saying only that “we want to benefit from their experience. We explained our situation, and they explained their experience in Lebanon.” He added, “We might proceed with some things, apply them on the ground.”

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Your thoughts on what Christians should do?


The Assyrian Christians thrived in this region throughout the centuries because they were the toughest people on the block.

The forces of nationalism under Saddam convinced them that their future laid with becoming good Iraqis.

If they want to survive these days, re-arming themselves once more is in order.


In a just war Christians should fight.


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