Nationalists block gay rights march to Poland’s top Catholic shrine



On this shrine: “For six centuries, through Poland’s wars and vacillating fortunes, the faithful have walked days, often the last distance on their knees, to revere the Black Madonna of Czestochowa. Painted on wood - legend has it by the brush of St. Luke - the doleful four-foot-high icon is the focus of the nation’s spiritual life.” (from an article published in 1990 in the “New York Times”)


The outrageous antics of the left is starting to gain a forceful response from the right, and the same thing is starting to happen here. Things may start getting UGLY.

I don’t agree with openly publicizing homosexuality, but I would’t advocate any force to stop a planned gay-rights march through the streets. I just wouldn’t go to it. Let them do their thing, they’re not hurting anyone.

But these gay-rights leftists can’t be happy with being allowed to do their thing, they have to FORCE their sexuality onto others, ESPECIALLY those who don’t agree with them. They chose to do their gay-pride march right up to the church. Not only that, they chose to do that when the prime minister was planning to be AT the church celebrating the church.

That’s the kind of disrespect the left issues out now.

We are seeing the same thing here in the states with the Antifa and BLM movements, with Democrat politicians urging their followers to give republicans/conservatives “no peace” while out to dinner, etc.

So, some people have had enough and are confronting it. Of course they will be called “nationalists” by the media, but it may just be good people who have had enough of the ridiculousness from the left. In this case, these people who have “had enough” simply blocked the gay-rights march from going to the church and disrupting the Prime Minister’s visit.

The same thing is also happening here in the states with groups like the “proud boys” and “Oath Keepers” along with others.

As the left goes further to the left, I expect things to continue getting ugly.

Watching some of these confrontations, one thing that strikes me is the restraint those on the right are showing so far. These groups are often comprised of prior military people, from a military that’s been at war almost two decades and know how to deal in violence. Compare that to the members of the left wing groups like antifa and BLM who, despite sometimes dressing up like paramilitary and bringing weapons, have no idea what actual violence is (but are instead triggered into deep fear and depression by words).

Fortunately those in the right wing groups have not resorted to violence yet. It would be a truly terrible thing if a charismatic leader would rise up and be able to lead these men to violence. Fortunately, most of these men understand the danger of this and, so far, have self-policed themselves to ensure any far-right extremists are marginalized.

I hope things settle down, but with the leftist hysteria over Trump, and now the SCOTUS appointment here…I doubt it.


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