Nationalists Vowing to Curb Immigration Win Power in Quebec


the latest in a string of defeats for regional Liberal governments nationwide.


Apparently to be considered nationalist you cut immigration by a mere 20% and require the rest to learn French. This reminds me of the politicians who propose what the media calls drastic spending cuts but are really just smaller spending increases.

Whatever happened to terminating immigration, reversing diversity, and revitalizing our national pride? Will the real nationalists please stand up?


You need to read different science fiction.


Currently rereading the Iliad. It is an excellent story about men and their honor. I am open to suggestions though.


It’s also a story set in a bronze age world more or less and written to reinforce the cultural precepts of that era. It also doesn’t have people running about been anywhere near as macho as might be imagined as Achilles major flaw is his arrogance and pride. The male characters are macho and not ashamed of it but they don’t run about talking about nonsense on red pill sites and stuff they couldn’t have imagined which are facets of late 20th century and early 21st century western European and American society.


I always look forward to your posts to get my daily dose of WTH? I can’t believe he wrote that!


I don’t understand why diversity means ‘no national pride’. Obviously there has to be some common idea of a nation and some common cultural roots but the idea that this must mean a monobloc approach to the matter seems a false dilemma. I suspect reversing diversity is here been employed in the form of code words.


“I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend.”



In other words, we all know what the statement means. This is just Know-nothingism for the social media age.


I’m not sure how a provincial government thinks they can control the Countries’ immigration. Once the immigrant is accepted they can go anywhere in the country Quebec included. they would certainly have the power to make their (the immigrants) stay in the province miserable but they have no power to ship them out of the country.


under the Canada–Quebec Accord of 1991, Quebec has sole responsibility for selecting most immigrants destined to the province. Of course, once immigrants are granted permanent residency or citizenship they are free to move between and reside in any provinces under Section 6 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

I would guess immigrants are likely to stay in the province they originally settle in.


Baseless innuendos and literary discussions aside, my point remains. Nationalism is meaningless if it applies to both a political party that wants 40,000 immigrants every year instead of 50,000 and someone like me who thinks that 40,000 additional immigrants every year is still 100,000 immigrants too many.


You really have no idea what you’re talking about. Canada’s demographic, and in particular Quebec’s, is aging rapidly. Without immigration, the economy is at pretty significant risk. I understand how effective dog whistle politics is, but everything you believe about immigration is 100% wrong, and worse, would be economically devestating.


Japan is facing similar challenges but they are doing just fine. This sounds like an internal problem anyway. Ethnic replacement is not the solution.


No Japan is not doing fine. It’s demographic crunch is a major crisis.


Yet they will still be Japanese which is worth far more than a few extra yen in the pockets of globalist politicians and megacorps.

They are a leader in robotics, have no problem with Islamic terrorists, have low crime rates, and have higher average iq than the USA.


Your obsession with race is honestly quite bizarre.


I thought all his points were culture based, even the IQ comment.
Some homogeneity in a culture can offer many practical advantages. This is why we have worked to integrate immigrants into our culture.


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