Nations, Individuals, Justice by Numbers


We would cry foul if a Judge believed it OK to treat a group of evil individuals differently than he does a single individual. We would have him off the bench in an instant.

   Strange though, even when the stakes for individuals run the extreme from burning forever and living in bliss forever no individual seems to see the injustice of it. Like an assembly line of zombies we are fuel for inferno.

   We as conveniently packaged carbon based units, so well formed we have a niche in hades to accept our bodies. The pitfalls in our world is like a gauntlet, almost seems like we are meant to be here to amuse.

   One such entity gets off scott free and always gets limited punitive measures by God. This entity meets the criteria, and is not even spritual and is inflicted with original sin like individuals. This enity can reason, make good and bad choices, make bad laws with impunity, and treat other entities horribly. This entity invokes Devine assistance and gets special treatment from the Pope, thereby binding itself to God's authority and laws, and one would assume his judgement. The Pope will ask God to forgive it, but will not insist it follow through the same process the individual would to save himself. This entity feigns individual attributes in that he would like to be treated like an individual where receipt of God's goodness is abundant. The extent of God's wrath upon it is always limited to being smitten and earthly death. It loves display of success in ticker tape parades, but discreetly passes it's errors to the discomfort of individuals whin it's bosom when it fails.

   This entity is called nation, a collective of individuals who on occasion action evil, knowing God will only administer temporal punishment to it collectively, and never the extreme of damnation in hades collectively. Oh that man could be so privledged. Man would like the same justice, only temporal and extinction, or at least see nations sent to damnation collectively on occasion. Only then can we see true justice being done.

   Evidence such as the Fatima display of hades does not bear this out. The witnesses do not see nations falling, only individuals. We have evidence of Sodom,Gemorah and the Philistines suffering limited punishment even though damnation for intentional unrepentant decreed mortal sin is evident in these cases. Collective actions require collective justice, how else is this form to know punitive controlling measures.  

   Man is indeed receiving the raw end of the deal. But it is not that we don't notice this unbalanced scale, no, because the hallowed halls of heaven will cry out for justice at every individual's trial, as now he has a case for presentation, and he will be correct. All eyes will be on the floor as the foundation shakes has injustice cannot bear residing there. Some individuals will be damned, but their brief case will contain cases of injustice that will shame heaven, and that my friends is the naked truth. 

    It is not too late. We all shout praise at God's justice to individuals as they head for the inferno, but the true justice we have not witnessed yet, have we?



And how can an individual escape from this stigma, this fixation on turture of this packaged group of cells?. He can declare himself a nation, and why not?. Indeed doing so would finally place him in the privledged ranks of those who bypass justice by the extinction sentencing. At least it is not a never ending punishment.

Of the question of nation. What constitutes one? A group of 10, 10000,1000000, 20000000. A person who owns his own real estate and raises his own flag, a nation of one? If this person, or 10 people murder, does he/they get smitten as well? If you murder and feel God justifies sending you to hell, would it be OK if He treats another differently? If you raise the statement at the last minute that you are a nation, does that qualify you for being smitten.

And what is the exact mechanism that triggers the imbalance? Could the concupisience decision of one warrant greater punishment than collective concupisience of many? Is it the inability of an individual to disperse responsibility for evil to his constituent parts(cells?), as a nation can disperse responsibility to individuals? One can not find an ally for this study from those believed destined for Heaven. Making waves, even for the truth is not recommended.

Of late some threads are entertaining the idea that perhaps there is intelligent life on other planets. Not a problem. Man welcomes this new entity, but he also expects no double standard as there now is with nations and man. Our Blessed Mother will draw back the curtain further to reveal aliens being processed in the inferno as well.

It would appear there is no accountability to man. In our dimension a superior being can state he is just, but does not have to prove it. In so doing our expendability is revealed and self worth lessened. It cheapens our existance and drives further the fact we are meant to be fuel first, then, worthy of salvation if we do as we are told.

If our destination was not eternal, this all could be tongue in cheek, we could relax. But this is deadly serious. As serious as it would be for the handling of that justice of the peace in the first sentence. We care about a justice system without blemish and in balance, not because we know hell is not our destination, or because we sit in favor with God, but because SOME of our lot, some of our family will be sent there. That interest places man at the center of the issue and is due an explaination, if of course any being actually cares what we think.



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