Nations sign cluster-bomb ban,US and Russia refuse

Scores of nations began signing a treaty banning cluster bombs Wednesday in a move that supporters hope will shame the U.S., Russia and China and other non-signers into abandoning weapons blamed for maiming and killing civilians.

Norway, which began the drive to ban cluster bombs 18 months ago, was the first to sign, followed by Laos and Lebanon, both hard-hit by the weapons.

Cluster bomblets are packed by the hundreds into artillery shells, bombs or missiles that scatter them over vast areas. Some fail to explode immediately. The unexploded bomblets can then lie dormant for years until they are disturbed, often by children attracted by their small size and bright colors.

Although most of the world’s biggest stockpilers will not sign the treaty - including the US, Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Israel - backers argue the treaty will stigmatise the use of cluster bombs even for those who do not sign up.

They say that was the pattern with the landmine treaty, which many stockpilers also failed to sign.

Its a weapon, like any other, only more effective. Why should we disarm? Just because a bunch of pansies that don’t have this technology say we should? I don’t think so…

Once we know what the bombs are actually used for, perhaps we can have a more reasonable conversation about them.

God Bless

Jon Winterburn

I think so.

Pansies? That’s uncalled for.

Sort of like all the animals getting together and voting out poison as a defense. The vipers and scorpions refuse to comply.

Isn’t that a surprise?

How about just using cluster bombs less often, when they’re really needed for the job (like taking out runways). Instead of using them indiscriminately.

Especially those 7 year old pansies dragging themselves around with no legs. Get over it already.

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