Nationwide manhunt for 3 immigrants accused of kidnapping, raping Ohio sisters




I hope those two young ladies are able to recover from this horrendous trauma.

I wonder if the “three immigrants” were here legally.



Contreras, Adiel, and Ramos are also reported to have fake ID cards and documentation, WTOL-TV reports.`


they are probably headed to Mexico. i hope they are apprehended and my prayers are for the teen girls.


So since they’ve not been arrested let alone convicted, they don’t show up in the crime stats shared in other threads.


Not a chance.

The men could be using false names and police are asking the public to look at their pictures to identify them.

The men probably were already using fake names. How would anyone know? The illegal community is built upon fake names or, when we had law and order, fraud.


God bless ICE personnel. What a tough job! So under appreciated!!


Police say the men are not U.S. citizens and all have fake identification and documentation in their possession.


If they make it to Mexico and face life inprisonment without parole, Mexico will not extradite them as their Supreme Court has ruled against that sentence:


they have to have a trial first and that can’t happen until they are caught.


First I would like to offer prayers for the two victims and that they can heal from this horror. :pray:

Second, if I were these three ILLEGAL yahoos, I would head for the first “Sanctuary City” I could, law enforcement problem solved.


They’ll leave the country. Sanctuary cities will allow them to be extradited to another jurisdiction within the US.


No, the prosecutor charges them with crimes which have penalties attached, one way or the other. mexico will not extradite if the penalites add up to an enormous number like 300 years. The Mexican SC ruled that even the worst murderers had to have the potential for parole after 50 years, otherwise they would have nothing to strive for.


I know Mexico has allowed our authorities to go down for people who have fled to Mexico after they have murdered someone.
They probably have to be Mexican citizens.


Yeah, it’s just that sometimes my sarcastic side gets the better of me… :blush:


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