Native Americans call for ban on Christians entering the US

"Native Americans have controversially called for a complete ban on Christians of any denomination entering the US until representatives can ‘figure out what the hell is going on.’

“Seriously, you guys have screwed this place up,” said Chief Simon with Williams

“Two world wars, I don’t know how many ‘minor conflicts,’ mass-shootings, Adam Sandler, toy dogs, the Star Wars prequels. Ryan Adams covering Taylor Swift, MacDonalds; I mean, all this is bad enough but now you unleash Donald Trump on us?”

“I’m sorry, it’s extreme but we have to say enough is enough.”

The call for a ban has been seen as highly provocative to an already incredibly violent religious group who’s more extreme wings are responsible for some of the worst mass-killings in US history.

“Hey, some of my best friends are Christians,” said the Chief.

“And they are good people, seriously. But until we figure out a way to tell the nice ones from the hate-filled, bigoted, war-mongering mass-killers then we’ve got to look after ourselves.”

If the ban was put in place, it would affect such world figures such as the Pope, Bono, and Bill Turnbill, and open up the US to accusations of being profoundly silly.

The chief was conciliatory, “True words, I don’t want the US looking silly. Okay, if we can’t ban all Christians, then let’s just ban Donald Trump?”

Okay it is written tongue in cheek. :rotfl::rotfl:


Reminds me of a great story I saw fairly recently (can’t vouch for the veracity of it, but the idea behind it is hilarious and apt to the thread subject):

Overheard in a grocery store by someone waiting in line behind a woman talking on her cell phone in another language. Ahead of her as a white man. After the woman hangs up he speaks up.

Man: “I didn’t want to say anything while you were on the phone but you are in America now. You need to speak English.”

Woman: “Excuse me?”

Man: talks slow “If you want to speak Mexican, go back to Mexico. In America, we speak English.”

Woman: “Sir, I was speaking Navajo. If you want to speak English, go back to England.”


I think I could get behind banning Trump. So long as he takes Hillary with him.

I won’t start on McDonald’s. That’s just too easy.

Yep, one Donald at a time.

Sandler is quite funny if you give the pace and style of comedy a chance.

Star Wars prequals though - too much CGI. Let’s hope for better in the latest.

Well I liked the CGI in those ones. But that was pretty much the only thing I liked actually. :rolleyes:

A real-life friend of mine is a Navajo, and he got accosted by some guy at his job (while on a smoke break) who thought he was Mexican and started ranting at him about how all ‘you Mexicans’ were invading our country and taking what wasn’t rightfully theirs, blah blah blah…

While this guy ranted, my friend very calmly lit a cigarette, drew on it, blew smoke out, and waited for the guy to finish. Once the guy did, my friend said, “Well, first off, I’m not Mexican, I’m Navajo, so let’s talk about who invaded whose country and stole it…”

My friend said the guy couldn’t get away from him fast enough. Best. Smackdown, Ever.

Two of the films weren’t bad but one I thought was awful. They tried, I suppose. The old films were better IMO and they didn’t have CGI. The acting was good in all the films though.




Yeah. The first one was a real pain. A real mood kill. But I liked the extra space stuff. I liked the ships. Hated the stupid in all 3 films. I’m not even gonna say that character’s name. But the robots were just two levels below dumb. I mean it made no sense at all. Who’d program their robots to be so dumb? On purpose. Like even whose voice did they use for that?

Oh yeah. We’re talking about NA banning Christians from entering the US. Sorry for the rant. :rolleyes:

From the statistics that have been reported, the fact is that Christians AREN’T in fact being allowed into the country under the Obama administration - at least, those from mid-East countries where Christians are being persecuted. And that’s no joke.

Thank goodness we speak English!!! If the Japanese couldn’t break code in the Navajo language, can you imagine how hard it would be to learn it?? :smiley:

Could you cite these statistics? And how do they compare with the percentage of Christians in these countries you mention.

Frankly I hope it doesn’t disappear. The Navajo language is very endangered from my understanding. It would be a darn shame if it were to disappear. Same goes for many of the other First Nation/Native American languages.

It’s funny you just commented on the robots. I was thinking about that before looking on this forum again. I too though they were about as scary as a Henry Hoover. They were dire.

Oh yeah. We’re talking about NA banning Christians from entering the US. Sorry for the rant. :rolleyes:

:smiley: Likewise.

My aforementioned friend calls it “Dine” (there’s supposed to be an accent mark over the ‘e’, but I don’t know how to do that), and apparently it’s very complex–he said pretty much if you aren’t speaking it from birth, you’ll never really get it, and any native speaker will spot you a mile away.

This is so offensive. This country was never owned by the natives and they’re sore losers! The pope himself counseled them on his visit here, telling them to practice forgiveness and forget about the past!

However, forgetting about the past is not in the Muslim playbook! Most want Sharia. 1,400 years of muslim conquerers who took Christendom and converted by the sword. The muslims still have 20 million African slaves. They had slave merchants who sold slaves to our country.

So, as you can see, there is no parallel between Italian and Portuguese Catholic explorers and Muslim Jihadis in the context of the American Indians. Priests came on a mission here to evangelize the Word of our Savior to give salvation to all. In fact, in 1491, the king of Spain ejected (finally) the barbaric muslims from the Iberian Peninsula after 700 years of occupation.

Read about St. Junipero Serra written by Bill Donahue at the Catholic League.

Viral video (on Facebook) of Westernized Muslim woman to Americans: “Jihad is real. Sharia is real. If you want to learn about Islam, read about Muhhamad! He was a war monger, pedophile, etc.” But don’t take it from me. Watch her 8 minute wake up talk to you: Silence Is Consent.

Former Democrat.

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